ENHYPEN Joins Stray Kids as the Only 4th Generation Group in History to Reach This Number of Pre-Orders

ENHYPEN has once again broken their personal record for the highest stock pre-orders with their upcoming album "DIMENSION: DILEMMA"!

On Oct. 7, album distributors Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music announced the cumulative number of pre-orders for the rookie group's new album, which is set for release on Oct. 12.

"DIMENSION: DILEMMA" is ENHYPEN's first full album since their debut. It will contain a total of eight songs including the title track "Tamed-Dashed."

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ENHYPEN DIMENSION: DILEMMA Records Nearly 1 Million Pre-Orders

ENHYPEN opened the pre-orders for their upcoming album on Sept. 17. In almost seven days, the boy group recorded more than 600,000 pre-orders.

After three weeks since Sept. 17, the stock pre-orders for "DIMENSION: DILEMMA" roughly reached one million.

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According to Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music, ENHYPEN's "DIMENSION: DILEMMA" exceeded 910,000 copies as of Oct. 7. This is the number of domestic and overseas pre-orders accumulated for about three weeks.

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ENHYPEN becomes the second fourth-generation idol group to surpass 900,000 pre-orders, after Stray Kids who achieved the milestone this past August with "NOEASY."

Additionally, this marks the rookie group's new personal record for the number of stock pre-orders, breaking their previous record for "BORDER: CARNIVAL" that was released this past April and attained 450,000 stock pre-orders, their personal best at the time.

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ENHYPEN has broken their own record for the highest stock pre-orders two times already, starting with "BORDER: CARNIVAL" beating the record of "BORDER: DAY ONE," and now "DIMENSION: DILEMMA" surpassed "BORDER: CARNIVAL."

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With five more days left before ENHYPEN's "DIMENSION: DILEMMA" is released, the number of stock pre-orders is expected to increase until Oct. 12.

In addition to this, if the pre-orders would become physical sales, ENHYPEN would be surpassing 2.1 million copies on Gaon Chart.

Congratulations to ENHYPEN on their latest milestone!

ENHYPEN Shares a Preview of All the Tracks on Their Full Album "DIMENSION: DILEMMA"

In other news, the new K-pop boy group released another teaser for their upcoming full album.

On Oct. 6, ENHYPEN dropped an album preview video of all the songs on "DIMENSION: DILEMMA." The clip features the seven members of the group and snippets of the eight tracks, beginning from "Intro: Whiteout" until "Interlude: Question."

Based on their promotion schedule, after the album preview, the rookie group will reveal two official music video teasers for the title track "Tamed-Dashed" on Oct. 8 and 10.

Then, the official "Tamed-Dashed" MV as well as ENHYPEN's first full album will be released on Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. KST.

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ENHYPEN's "DIMENSION: DILEMMA" tells the story of seven boys entering a hyper-dimensional and multidimensional world and finding themselves in a dilemma when they discovered their desires for the first time and continue to move forward without stopping.

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The album's title song "Tamed-Dashed" asks the question "Will you be 'tamed' by desire or will your be 'dashed' from desire?" and is about the seven boys who experience the contradictions and conflicts of various desires in the dilemma they had after entering a complicated world.

Meanwhile, don't miss out to tune into the comeback showcase of ENHYPEN at 7 p.m. KST on Oct. 12.

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