aespa Karina and Winter Reveal How SHINee Key and Girls' Generation Taeyeon are as Seniors in SM Entertainment

aespa member Karina and Winter reveal how Girls' Generation member Taeyeon and SHINee member Key are as seniors in the same company, SM Entertainment. Keep on reading for all the details!

aespa Karina and Winter Spill the Tea on How SHINee Key and Girls' Generation Taeyeon are as Seniors in SM Entertainment

On the October 9 episode of the tvN program Amazing Saturday, aespa members Karina and Winter made a guest appearance. The girl group has recently made a comeback with their first mini-album Savage. Earlier this year, the group achieved international success with the song Next Level.

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During their appearance on Amazing Saturday, Winter revealed that she has been looking forward to meeting SHINee member Key. Despite being in the same company, Winter revealed that she had never been able to see him. She even joked that he is like a legendary Pokemon!

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Back in June 2021, Key revealed through an Instagram Live that he had never met aespa. He stated that he had never even seen them from afar and has never bumped into them at the SM Entertainment building. Despite being top rookie idols with only two songs at the time, Key revealed the company had gotten so big that they have their own separate practice room.

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Despite never meeting them, Key is extremely fond of aespa. During the June 19 episode of Amazing Saturday, Key performed a cover of Next Level.

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Girls' Generation member Taeyeon acknowledged how difficult it was to meet aespa, saying that she even waited in their company's building just to see them! Winter explained that when Next Level first came out, Taeyeon told the girl group that she wanted to do the dance challenge with them. She waited at their agency to record the video.

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Key joked, asking, "Did Taeyeon really do that for aespa?" Taeyeon was quick to clap back, saying, "Your tone makes you sound pretty weird!" Then, in embarrassment, Key replied that he wanted to do the Next Level challenge too.

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Savage, aespa's first mini-album, was released on October 5, 2021. On the day of the album's release, it was reported that Savage amassed 401,088 pre-order sales. On the Hanteo Chart, Savage was named the best-selling debut album for girl groups, selling more than 347,000 copies on the first and second day of its release.

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The album contains six tracks, including a lead single of the same name.

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