Where are the Top 9 Male 'MIXNINE' Contestants? The Trainees Who Were Supposed to Debut under YG Entertainment

The final Top 9 male "MIXNINE" contestants were scheduled to debut in April 2018. However, the debut was canceled in May of the same year, leading to the trainees going their separate ways. Now that over three years have passed since then, let's find out where the trainees are now.

About YG Entertainment's 'MIXNINE'

From October 2017 to January 2018, YG Entertainment held its first external idol survival show, called "MIXNINE." The participants not only came from YG but also from other entertainment agencies across South Korea, including JYP, WM, RBW, and more.

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Along with his panel of judges, Yang Hyun Suk visited and evaluated a total of 400 trainees from 70 different companies. Only 170 trainees (72 males and 98 females) managed to pass the preliminary auditions to take part in "MIXNINE."

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In the finale episode of the YG Entertainment's survival show, the Top 9 male trainees and Top 9 female trainees were chosen. Between these two teams, the boys garnered the most votes and so they would be given the chance to debut in a project group.

(Photo : Instagram: @jtbc.mixnine)

While many people are waiting for them to debut, YG Entertainment announced in May 2018 that the debut of the Top 9 male "MIXNINE" contestants fell through due to the disagreement between YGE and the trainees' agencies on the terms of the promotion period.

The project boy group was originally planned to carry out activities in only four months, but YG Entertainment suggested a three-year contract with them, with the boys promoting under YGE for six months and the other six months will be spent in their respective companies.

Where are the Top 9 Male 'MIXNINE' Contestants Now?

Lee Byounggon (Ranked 9th)

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MIXNINE Byounggon

Lee Byounggon was one of the YG trainees who participated in "MIXNINE." After being unable to debut in the project boy group, he joined another of the agency's survival show, "YG TREASURE BOX." He was able to last until the final episode but was unable to be part of the debuting trainees.

After the program, Lee Byounggon left YG Entertainment and joined C9 Entertainment. He is currently the leader and main rapper of the rookie boy group CIX, which debuted in 2019.

Lee Donghun (Ranked 8th)

(Photo : JTBC Website)

Lee Donghun was one of the male "MIXNINE" contestants who represented Beat Interactive. Before he participated in the survival show, he already made his debut as a member of A.C.E in May 2017.

After the cancelation of his debut in YG Entertainment's project boy group, Donghun returned to Beat Interactive and focused on his activities within A.C.E.

To get updated on his daily activities, follow his Instagram account.

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Kim Minseok (Ranked 7th)

(Photo : JTBC Website)

Kim Minseok has also already made his debut under WM Entertainment as a member of the seven-member boy group named ONF in August 2017 before his participation in "MIXNINE." He was using the stage name "Laun."

Although he returned to WM Entertainment and participated in ONF's activities, Laun left the group and company, as well as the entertainment industry, in August 2019 due to personal reasons.

Song Hangyeom (Ranked 6th)

(Photo : JTBC Website)
MIXNINE Hangyeom

Song Hangyeom was one of the only two male "MIXNINE" contestants who were representatives of Staro Entertainment; the other one was Kim Sangwon. He was already a member of the boy group Seven O'Clock at that time.

Unfortunately, Seven O'Clock had officially disbanded on March 2 this year. Nevertheless, Hangyeom re-debuted as a member of the Spire Entertainment's 11-member boy group, named OMEGA X this past June.

You can follow his Instagram account to get updated on his daily life.

Choi Hyunsuk (Ranked 5th)

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After failing to debut in YG Entertainment's project boy group, Choi Hyunsuk also competed in "YG TREASURE BOX" and made it to the final lineup of debuting trainees.

Currently, Hyunsuk is the co-leader, main rapper, and main dancer of YG's latest K-pop boy group, TREASURE.

Kim Byeongkwan (Ranked 4th)

(Photo : JTBC Website)
MIXNINE Byeongkwan

Like Lee Donghun, Kim Byeongkwan already debuted as a K-pop idol, particularly as an A.C.E. member before competing in "MIXNINE."

At present, he continues to promote with A.C.E after his debut under YG Entertainment fell through. He serves as the main dancer of the group.

This year, A.C.E made their comeback on Sept. 2 with their second repackaged album "Changer: Dear Eris."

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Lee Rubin (Ranked 3rd)

(Photo : JTBC Website)

Even though he failed to debut in YG Entertainment's project boy group, Lee Rubin successfully debuted under Liveworks Company as the leader and visual of 1TEAM in March 2019.

Sadly, 1TEAM disbanded on March 14 this year when the company terminated their contract as a group, though they didn't specify the reason.

After the group's disbandment, Lee Rubin opened his personal Instagram account and a tattoo account.

Kim Hyojin (Ranked 2nd)

(Photo : JTBC Website)

Hyojin is another former "MIXNINE" contestant from WM Entertainment, and also a member of the boy group ONF. So, even though his debut under YG Entertainment was canceled, he continued his venture into the world of K-pop as an ONF member.

Woo Jinyoung (Ranked 1st)

(Photo : JTBC Website)
MIXNINE Jinyoung

Finally, Woo Jinyoung, who succeeded in ranking first on "MIXNINE," debuted as a member of D1CE under D1CE Entertainment (a subsidiary of Happyface Entertainment) in August 2019. He is the youngest member and serves as one of the rappers of the group.

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