EXID Hani Diet and Workout 2021 — Here's How to Be as Sexy as the 'Up & Down' Songstress

EXID member Hani is widely renowned for her hot figure and her stunning visuals. But, have you ever wondered how she got such a stunning figure? Keep on reading to learn more!

EXID Hani Diet and Workout — Here's How to Be as Sexy as the 'Up & Down' Songstress
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EXID Hani Workout

Hani has always been active. From elementary until middle school, the female idol competed in triathlons and was an avid swimmer. Because of that, her body is naturally on the more athletic side. Though she has given up her life as an athlete, she still exercises and stays in shape.

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During an episode of Style for You, Hani revealed that she was able to develop muscles quickly because she would always have a massage after her workouts. The idol is known to be a regular at the gym and has even revealed that she and Red Velvet member Irene are gym buddies!

(Photo : Hani Instagram)

Though she did not get into her gym routine, it is most likely a mixture of weight and bodyweight exercises, as the idol is known for her chocolate abs and fit lower body. Additionally, as an idol, Hani does dance practices for at least an hour every day. However, during the time in which she was actively promoting with EXID, it was not uncommon for her to practice for five to six hours for five days a week. During the time in which the group has a comeback, she would practice for nine to ten hours.

An alternative to dancing is cardio exercises, such as running and biking.

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EXID Hani Diet

To gain her figure, Hani had to sacrifice a lot in terms of her diet. Before we proceed, please note that this diet is not the healthiest, and if you wish to follow Hani's diet, it would be best to consult a nutritionist or a health expert before changing up what you eat in a day.

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While Hani was promoting as an idol, she shocked everyone by revealing she only eats one meal a day and refrains from eating salt. During her more extreme diets, Hani would only eat pretzels. When she was on a more lenient diet, Hani would substitute rice with sweet potatoes and boiled bananas. She would mainly consume chicken breast and fish.

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However, Hani is a known foodie and has confessed that he is a massive fan of marinated grilled beef intestines. When not on a diet, Hani can eat three to four servings of meat by herself. The idol allows herself to have a cheat day once a week, and this is her go-to dish!

(Photo : Hani Instagram)

Will you be trying Hani's diet and workout? Tell us in the comments below!

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