'Girls Planet 999' Kim Suyeon Reportedly Debuting in Mystic Story's Upcoming Girl Group, Billlie

Kim Suyeon, a former contestant in Mnet's "Girls Planet 999," will reportedly debut as a member of Mystic Story's first girl group, called Billlie.

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'Girls Planet 999' Kim Suyeon to Debut as a Member of Mystic Story's Billlie, according to a News Outlet

On Oct. 26, the Korean media outlet OSEN released an exclusive report about former "Girls Planet 999" contestant Kim Suyeon.

Kim Suyeon
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)
Kim Suyeon

According to the report, Kim Suyeon is highly likely to join Billlie, who is set to make their official debut in November.

The news outlet added that multiple music officials stated that Mystic Story is still in discussions to determine the timing of Kim Suyeon's inclusion in their first girl group.

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In Mnet's latest girl group survival show "Girls Planet 999," Kim Suyeon is the only contestant who comes from Mystic Story.

Kim Suyeon
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)
Kim Suyeon

Suyeon successfully made it to the finale of "Girls Planet 999," however, she failed to be part of the final Top 9. She only placed tenth with a total of 650,790 votes.

After the competition, some people said it would be good for Kim Suyeon to debut as a member of Mystic Story's first girl group, Billlie.

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Previously, the company unveiled the six trainees who will debut in Billie, and they are Siyoon, Soohyun, Sua, Tsuki, Haram, and Haruna.

(Photo : Twitter: @Billlieofficial)

The official logo of the upcoming girl group has also been revealed on Oct. 11, and their official social media accounts have been opened.

As of writing, Mystic Story has not yet released an official statement to confim the report.

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About Former 'Girls Planet 999' Contestant Kim Suyeon

Before becoming a trainee under Mystic Story, Kim Suyeon was initially training under A Team Entertainment. She was even part of the company's pre-debut group called ISE.

Kim Suyeon
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)
Kim Suyeon

The trainees making up ISE have now officially debuted as the new K-pop girl group, named bugAboo, on Oct. 25. The six-member band released their first single album, called "bugAboo."

Kim Suyeon left A Team Entertainment after the debut of ISE was postponed. And because of that, she signed with Mystic Story and has been a trainee for approximately three years now.

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On July 8 this year, she was confirmed as one of the contestants in Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" when she was identified in a teaser video.

Regarding her rankings throughout the survival show, Kim Suyeon was No. 19 within the K-Group during the signal song evaluation.

Kim Suyeon
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)
Kim Suyeon

In "Girls Planet 999" Episode 5, she placed No. 8 within the K-Group in individual rankings (based on votes) and also placed eighth in the cell rankings.

Kim Suyeon then ranked tenth within the K-Group in Episode 8 and placed ninth within the K-Group and 20th overall in Episode 9.

Kim Suyeon
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)
Kim Suyeon

In "Girls Planet 999" Episode 11, Suyeon ranked eighth within the K-Group and No. 17 overall. Next, she placed No. 7 both within the K-Group and overall rankings during the special live.

Finally, Kim Suyeon finished in tenth place in the final episode of the survival show.

Concerning her performances in "Girls Planet 999," Kim Suyeon was one of the trainees who performed EXO's "The Eve," Meghan Trainor's "No Excuses," and 7 LOVE Minutes' "U+Me=LOVE."

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