AOA Seolhyun Attracts Attention after Uploading her Childhood Photos

AOA Seolhyun is drawing attention for her impressive visuals after she shared several childhood photos on social media.

AOA Seolhyun Uploads Childhood Photos, Impressing Netizens with Her Unchanging Beauty

On the afternoon of Nov. 16, AOA member Seolhyun posted several photos on her personal Instagram account with the caption, "When I was young."

AOA Seolhyun
(Photo : Instagram: @sh_9513)
AOA Seolhyun

The uploaded pictures show Seolhyun's childhood days where she boasts a youthful appearance and flawless skin. In most images, she can be seen posing with her pet dogs.

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Under AOA Seolhyun's post, actress Shin Soyul commented, "Is this the same picture you took yesterday?" praising how the female idol's beauty didn't change since she was young.

The "Miniskirt" singer's visuals have often been a hot topic in online communities, with many people questioning whether she had undergone plastic surgery before her debut as an idol.

While some throw harsh comments at Seolhyun for allegedly going under the knife, other people defend her, citing that her beauty looks the same from her pre-debut to her post-debut days.

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AOA Seolhyun
(Photo : Instagram: @sh_9513)
AOA Seolhyun

In the past, the director of the 2015 movie "Gangnam 1970" (or "Gangnam Blues") praised AOA Seolhyun's visuals and shared that "she is one of the few celebrities who did not have plastic surgery" as the reason for casting the idol for the film.

Judging from her childhood photos, do you think AOA member Seolhyun underwent plastic surgery, or has she always had the same beauty since she was young? Tell us what you think in the comments!

AOA Seolhyun Opens Her YouTube Channel, Her First Move since the Bullying Controversy

On Aug. 18, Seolhyun updated her Instagram profile by sharing a link, although she did not mention what the link is for. It turns out that the link opens up to a YouTube channel called "Brilliantly by Seolhyun."

AOA Seolhyun
(Photo : Instagram: @sh_9513)
AOA Seolhyun

It appears like the AOA member will share her daily life and other various content through this YouTube channel in the future. Shortly after the channel was launched, it already garnered more than 2,000 subscribers despite not having any videos uploaded yet.

Opening her YouTube channel is AOA Seolhyun's first activity after being embroiled in a bullying controversy when former member Mina claimed that Jimin had bullied her during the time she was still promoting with the group and accused the other members of neglecting and spectating the bullying.

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On Aug. 25, Seolhyun uploaded her first video and at that time her YouTube channel already accumulated over 30,000 subscribers.

In the video, the "Like a Cat" singer tries to create colorful pottery using a DIY kit. At first, she was worried about the loud background noises but she continues to finish her project. Toward the end of the video, she shows off her successful product. The video has more than 209,000 views and 11,000 likes as of writing.

AOA Seolhyun
(Photo : Instagram: @sh_9513)
AOA Seolhyun

So far, AOA Seolhyun has uploaded more than 10 videos to her YouTube channel, three months after she launched the channel.

Her most-watched video to date is the one that contains the food she usually eats. It has more than 282,000 views as of press time. Know what Seolhyun eats here!

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