Red Velvet Joy Relationship 2021 — Here’s How She Started Dating Crush

Red Velvet's Joy is considered one of the most popular members of the group and is the only member to be confirmed in a relationship. Keep on reading to learn more about how she met her boyfriend, Crush, her ideal type, and more.

Red Velvet Joy Relationship 2021 — Here’s How She Started Dating Crush
(Photo : Joy Instagram)

How Did Red Velvet Joy and Crush Meet?

In May 2020, it was reported that Crush had asked Red Velvet member Joy to feature on "Mayday," the title track of his album "Homemade 1." Joy agreed, and the two met up for the collaboration. The song was a huge hit, topping several major South Korean music charts. In addition, Joy appeared in the music video with Crush.

Following the collaboration, the two got closer. Surprisingly, Crush had previously stated in November 2018 that his ideal type was Irene, a member of Red Velvet! During an appearance on "Radio Star," Crush revealed that his ideal type was Irene after bumping into her during promotions.

Crush Irene
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At the time, he was promoting with Zion.T in a duo and had bumped into the female idol. Upon seeing her, Crush accidentally said out loud, "Wow, she is beautiful!" He did not mean to say that and felt incredibly embarrassed. Irene reportedly smiled and kept walking.

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However, after getting closer to Joy, the latter became his ideal type. During another appearance on "Radio Star" following the release of "Mayday," Crush revealed that Joy told him she had watched the episode where he stated Irene was his ideal type. She then asked if Irene was still his type.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush Reported in a Relationship
(Photo : Joy Instagram)

He replied that, actually, his ideal type was Joy!

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Red Velvet Joy Relationship Status 2021

Back on August 23, Sports Chosun released an exclusive report starting Joy was dating Crush. The report stated that the two recently confessed their feelings and often went on dates while walking their dogs together.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush Reported in a Relationship
(Photo : Joy Instagram)

Following the report, both P Nation (Crush's label) and SM Entertainment (Joy's label) released a statement confirming the news. P Nation stated that they started with a senior-junior relationship that soon became romantic. SM Entertainment released a statement reiterating P Nation's claims.

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Red Velvet Joy Ideal Type 2021

In the past, Joy has revealed who her ideal type is. The idol prefers men who are sexy and named Park Wan Kyu, a South Korean rock singer, as her ideal type.

(Photo : Joy Instagram)

Joy wants to date someone who is dependable and matcher her personality well. She wants her significant other to only look at her and prioritize her.

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Do you match Joy's ideal type? Tell us in the comments below!

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