Korea's Gay Culture - Things You May Not Know Exist

Hot Issues 06.12.17 | 08:38PM EDT

Korea's Gay Culture - Things You May Not Know Exist


K-Pop Idols Who Showed Their Faith With Religious Songs

Features 06.12.17 | 07:55PM EDT

K-Pop Idols Who Showed Their Faith With Religious Songs

G-Dragon Act III:MOTTE

'ACT III: MOTTE' World Tour Update: Here's Everything That Happened + Everything You Can Expect From G-Dragon's Concert

Breaking News 06.16.17 | 05:42PM EDT

To say that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon's kick off concert for his "Act III: MOTTE" was an eventful comeback would have been an understatement. Here's everything you may have missed.


10 Romantic K-Pop Songs That Will Make Your Heart Flutter [Female Version]

Features 06.11.17 | 03:22PM EDT

10 K-Pop songs that express true love - female version


#ThrowbackThursday Best K-Pop Songs of 2010

Features 06.15.17 | 01:08PM EDT

Discussing K-Pop best releases in 2010


K-Pop Songs You Didn't Know Inspire LGBT+ Pride

Features 06.10.17 | 01:15PM EDT

A listicle of K-Pop songs that have LGBT+ themes or support pride!

Gong Yoo

5 K-Celebrities Who Think Social Media Are Pointless

Editorial 06.09.17 | 07:44AM EDT

These big celebs refuse to involve in any social media activity. Some are keeping their lives private, while the others simply don't know how to use social media.

Bathing Suits

K-Pop Idols In Their Sexy Bathing Suits That Will Heat Up Your Summer

Features 06.10.17 | 11:57AM EDT

A list of male and female idols in bathing suits for Summer

T.O.P's Philanthropy, A Look at the Charity Work of T.O.P

T.O.P's Philanthropy, A Look at the Charity Work of T.O.P

OP-ED 06.08.17 | 01:54PM EDT

In light of all the negativity surrounding BIGBANG's T.O.P because of the drug scandal, have a dose of positivity by taking a look at T.O.Ps' charity work.


Experience A Night Of K-Pop With NYC's Biggest Dance Show

Features 06.07.17 | 02:45PM EDT

I Love Dance is back and holding an amazing K-Pop dance showcase to celebrate their 10 year anniversary!

Yunho is looking hot and sexy for the cover of Arena Homme Plus magazine June issue.

Yunho's Great Body Figure & Strong Jawline For Arena Homme Plus Magazine

Editorial 06.01.17 | 12:47PM EDT

Yunho is on the cover of Arena Homme Plus magazine June issue and he looks really hot and sexy. Check it out!

BTS Billboard Music Awards 2017

BTS Success Compared To 'The Beatles' Superstardom

Breaking News 05.30.17 | 09:14AM EDT

Billboard was one of the chief witnesses to BTS' rise to superstardom and it came as no surprise that experts from the prestigious music chart would air their take on the K-pop group's popularity. Pundits have compared BTS' appeal to the charisma of music legends The Beatles.

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young Dating

Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Young Dating: Park Bo Young Admits That Strong On-Screen Chemistry Was Not Just Acting

Breaking News 05.18.17 | 10:27AM EDT

Will Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young finally make their fans dreams come true? Reports are rife that the puppy couple may be ready to take their on-screen romance based on their recent interviews.

Lee Min Ho did a photo shoot in Jeju Island for a makeup brand Innisfree.

Lee Min Ho Did A Photo Shoot In Jeju Island For A Makeup Brand Innisfree

Editorial 05.15.17 | 10:59AM EDT

Lee Min Ho was spotted doing a photo shoot in Jeju Island for Innisfree. He did it before his enlistment. Check it out!

Song Hye Kyo

6 Actresses That Don’t Seem To Age Even In Their 30s

OP-ED 05.12.17 | 01:59PM EDT

These actresses prove age is just a number, but their timeless beauty is eternal.

BTS Jimin

Why Is Jimin Called BTS' 'Fan Recruiting Fairy'?

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 02:40PM EDT

K-pop superstars BTS may be reaping rewards left and right in various parts of the world but things could have been so different if Big Hit Entertainment did not include Jimin as the final member the group. Fans are now raving about Jimin being the fan recruiting fairy that draws in a lot of BTS followers because of his charms.


G-Dragon As L Lawliet? Check Out 6 Kpop Idols Who Would Be Perfect For 'Death Note' Roles

Breaking News 05.09.17 | 03:31PM EDT

If Koreans ever decide to adopt "Death Note" for a Korean version, K-pop idols from BIG BANG's G-Dragon, CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa, and EXO's Baekhyun would be perfect top choices in the casting.

LABOUM & Sajaegi Scandal

The Idol Groups That Were Accused Of Manipulating Charts: LABOUM, BTS & More

Editorial 05.03.17 | 10:40AM EDT

LABOUM is not the only K-Pop group that was accused of Sajaegi. Over the years, numerous idol groups have also involved in this scandal.

We Got Married

'We Got Married' Cancellation: 'We Got Married' To End In May; 'Oppa Thoughts' Eyed As Replacement

Breaking News 04.21.17 | 07:43AM EDT

After 10 years on air, "We Got Married" may be finally come to an end. Rumors hint that the show will reportedly be replaced by "Oppa Thoughts."

'Newlyweds Diary' About To Shoot Another Season

'Newlyweds Diary' Featuring Ku Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun Once Again; Newest Update For The Sequel And Tell All For The Actors

Stars on TV / Movies 04.17.17 | 01:51PM EDT

Actors Ku Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun will lead again to the newest season of the 'Newlyweds Diary". It is said that the program director would love to work along with the couple for the second time.

4 Controversial Issues Surrounding ‘Produce 101’ Season 2

OP-ED 04.14.17 | 08:20PM EDT

Prior to its release, "Produce 101" Season has garnered attentions for its multiple controversies. Find out the details here.

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