BEAST's Son Dongwoon - Exclusive Photo Shoot with KpopStarz Japan

BEAST's Son Dongwoon Gets Personal In 'Kimishika' Interview And Photo Shoot With KpopStarz Japan [Part 2]

Interviews 08.01.15 | 01:46PM EDT

Part 2 of KpopStarz Japan's Q&A with BEAST member Son Dongwoon.

kim tae woo

Kim Tae Woo Talks About G.O.D During His Latest Interview With GanGee

Editorial 07.31.15 | 06:11PM EDT

Group G.O.D's member Kim Tae Woo's photo shoot was released.

yang hyun suk

YG Yang Hyun Suk Talks About A Discussion He Had With Psy Regarding His Identity As A Star

Interviews 07.30.15 | 12:58PM EDT

YG's Yang Hyun Suk talked about the recent talk he has with singer Psy.


K-Pop Crossover: Rapper LK On Hallyu, His New Mixtape 'Better Practice' And Working With Grace Shin Of 'K-Pop Star 4' [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 07.31.15 | 04:36PM EDT

Rapper LK talks about collaborating with Grace Shin, from season four of the South Korean reality television competition "K-Pop Star."

BEAST's Son Dongwoon - Exclusive Photo Shoot with KpopStarz Japan

BEAST's Son Dongwoon Gets Personal In 'Kimishika' Interview And Photo Shoot With KpopStarz Japan [Part 1]

Interviews 08.01.15 | 01:41PM EDT

The youngest BEAST member sits down with KpopStarz Japan to talk about his early years and new Japanese solo album.

EXO's Luhan at Gimpo Airport, Departing for Beijing

Former EXO Member Luhan Discusses His Less-Than-Glamorous Previous Jobs

Stars on TV / Movies 07.23.15 | 09:20AM EDT

The singer and actor admitted that he worked two part-time jobs back in his university days.

GOT7's JB Dazed & Confused Magazine August 2015 Photoshoot

GOT7's JB Discusses The Difficulties Of Being A Leader In Dazed & Confused Interview

Fashion & Style 07.25.15 | 12:05PM EDT

GOT7's JB starred in a black-and-white pictorial for the August issue of Dazed & Confused. During his interview, the star revealed how he handles the important responsibility of the being the group leader.

BIGBANG GQ Magazine August 2015 Photoshoot Fashion

Big Bang Talk About Their Musical Inspirations In GQ Magazine

Fashion & Style 07.25.15 | 11:17AM EDT

All five Big Bang members are featured in the August issue of GQ. During the interview, G-Dragon discussed how he keeps himself inspired and Taeyang revealed what new artists have caught his attention.

miss A Fei Marie Claire MAgazine August 2015 Photoshoot

miss A's Fei Reveals Interest In Releasing Her Own Jazz Album

Interviews 07.22.15 | 10:25AM EDT

miss A's Fei modeled sexy and sophisticated designer looks in the August issue of Marie Claire. During her interview, Fei revealed she would like to try promoting as a soloist.


2PM's Junho Answers Questions Regarding His Musical Career Upon Release Of His Third Solo Album SO GOOD In Japan

Interviews 07.21.15 | 06:11AM EDT

2PM's member Junho recently released his third solo album SO GOOD in Japan, holding an interview with the Japanese media Oricon Style.

BTS Live Trilogy In USA Episode II: The Red Bullet, New York City.

Army United BTS Organizer Emily Yesgosh Discusses The Challenges Of Planning A Successful K-Pop Fan Event

Interviews 07.20.15 | 09:27AM EDT

Emily Yesgosh tells KpopStarz how Army United BTS pulled off a successful fan event the NYC Live Trilogy Episode II: Red Bullet concert.

Profile of a K-Pop Fan: BTS' Fan Shriya Bajracharya of Kathhmandu Hid Her Love Of K-Pop From Her Mother Because Of Cultural Misunderstandings

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: BTS Fan Shriya Bajracharya Of Kathhmandu Hid Her Love Of K-Pop From Her Mother Because Of Cultural Misunderstandings

Interviews 07.20.15 | 09:22AM EDT

While at first she didn't understand it, Shriya says her mother now supports her love of K-pop.


KCON LA Guest Spotlight: Ashley Griffin

Interviews 08.01.15 | 01:29PM EDT

A brief interview with KCON LA special guest/YouTube personality, writer and blogger, Ashley Griffin.


KCON LA Guest Spotlight: June Saladino

Buzz 07.29.15 | 11:34AM EDT

A quick interview with KCON LA's special guest/HALLYU Magazine's U.S. Media Rep and photographer, June Saladino.

Kaila Yu (right) performing with Nylon Pink

K-Pop Crossover: Founding Nylon Pink Vocalist Kaila Yu And Meitu's Zhibai Han Talk Hallyu Photo Makeovers [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 07.24.15 | 02:31PM EDT

Former Nylon Pink vocalist Kaila Yu and Zhibai Han of Meitu want you to make yourself over as a K-pop star.

Young Ajummah

KCON LA Guest Spotlight: Young Ajummah

Concert / Event 07.27.15 | 08:30AM EDT

A quick chat with blogger/radio host/KCON LA special guest, Young Ajummah.

Lindsay Roberts

KCON LA Guest Spotlight: Lindsay Roberts

Concert / Event 07.24.15 | 08:54AM EDT

A brief interview with Seoulbeats' Head of Social Media and KCON LA special guest, Lindsay Roberts.

Korean Actress Gong Seung Yeon BNT International Magazine July 2015 BTS

Gong Seung Yeon Discusses Her SM Trainee Days With BNT International

Fashion & Style 07.15.15 | 09:18AM EDT

Gong Seung Yeon showed readers how to pull off casual high fashion in the July issue of BNT International.

Noonas Over Forks

KCON 2015 LA Guest Spotlight: Noonas Over Forks

Buzz 07.21.15 | 04:00AM EDT

A brief chat with KCON special guests and K-drama bloggers, Junggugeo Kaenada and Only from Noonas Over Forks.

Tanya Rodriguez

KCON 2015 LA Guest Spotlight: Tanya Rodriguez

Buzz 07.20.15 | 09:33AM EDT

A brief interview with KCON special guest, writer/photographer, Tanya Rodriguez.

Girl's Day's now infamous appearance on  the AfreecaTV Internet program “Koon TV”

Girl's Day Members Promise To 'Be More Careful And Cautious About Everything' In Apology To Fans Over Dumpling War

Scandals 07.10.15 | 07:49PM EDT

On Friday, the four members of Girl's Day appeared on the AfreecaTV Internet program "Koon TV" to apologize for what many fans perceived as rude behavior towards host Choi Goon.

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