Parris Goebel

K-Pop Behind The Spotlight: Choreographer Parris Goebel On The Making Of Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' Video [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 06.16.15 | 04:12PM EDT

In an exclusive KpopStarz interview, Parris Goebel reflects on working with the members of Big Bang and her rise to stardom as a choreographer.

history hashtag interivew

History Discuss Their 'Six-Pack Idols' Nickname In #Hashtag Interview

Interviews 06.11.15 | 08:47AM EDT

LOEN Entertainment boy band History appeared in 1theK's special #hashtag interview show to promote her latest mini album 'Beyond The History.'

Profile of a K-Pop Fan: Tommy Christopher

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Why Rainbow Is The Only Korean Group 31-Year-Old Tommy Christopher Of North Carolina Still Cares About

Hot Issues 06.23.15 | 12:38PM EDT

"Rainbow is my favorite group, and today they are really the only K-pop group that I still follow," said 31-year-old Asheville, N.C. resident and Asian music fan Tommy Christopher.


U-KISS Thanks Fans For Their Support [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.11.15 | 09:50AM EDT

U-KISS spoke with KpopStarz Japan about their fans and working in Japan


U-KISS Describes Their Musical Influences [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.10.15 | 09:50AM EDT

U-KISS spoke with KpopStarz Japan about the music that inspired them.


U-KISS Talks About How They Express Cuteness [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.09.15 | 09:40AM EDT

U-KISS spoke with KpopStarz Japan about the different ways they express cuteness.


U-KISS Talks About Their Fourth Album [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.08.15 | 09:00AM EDT

U-KISS recently released their fourth album "Action." They had an exclusive interview with KpopStarz Japan about their new album finding their "music roots."


U-KISS: Surprise Party For Soo Hyun On His Birthday Night [Exclusive interview]

Interviews 06.07.15 | 09:50AM EDT

U-KISS recently released their fourth album "Action." They had an exclusive interview with KpopStarz Japan about finding their "music roots."


NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 3 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.05.15 | 09:30AM EDT

NU'EST talks to KpopStarz Japan about musical influences and singing karaoke.


NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 2 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.04.15 | 09:30AM EDT

NU'EST spoke to KpopStarz Japan about memories of umbrellas and what they think of their own voices.


NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 1 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.03.15 | 07:53AM EDT

NU'EST's second single in Japan, "Na.Na.Na.Namida" is a heartbreak song, about a hopeless love. Kpopstarz Japan interviewed the band before the song's release.


NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 4 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.06.15 | 09:10AM EDT

NU'EST answers fan questions from all over the world. What did they want to be when they grew up. What's their favorite ice cream flavor. Fans want to know.

Eric Nam and Mika

Eric Nam Interviews Grammy Award-Nominated Singer Mika

Interviews 06.03.15 | 07:00AM EDT

Eric sat down with the Lebanese-British pop singer who is due to release his new album 'No Place In Heaven' on June 15.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Rae Biller of Michigan Gets Inspiration From Block B and Henry Lau

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 14-Year-Old Rae Biller Of Michigan On Why She Is Inspired By Block B

Hot Issues 07.01.15 | 08:29PM EDT

14-year-old K-popper Rae Biller of Grand Rapids, Michigan talks about how she got into Hallyu, what she thinks makes it different from mainstream American music and why Block B is the best.

Cho PD

Cho PD Talks About His New Album 'Golden Goose - Part 1' [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 06.02.15 | 11:31AM EDT

Rapper Cho PD, aka Zo PD, is both an artist and performer. In this exclusive interview he talks about his mini-album "Golden Goose: Part 1."

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SHINee Members Playfully Interact With Cardboard Minho During 'Ask In A Box' Interview

Interviews 05.31.15 | 07:59PM EDT

SHINee appeared in 1theK's special 'ASK IN A BOX' interview show to answer questions from national and international fans.


Lovelyz Members Asked To Select The Most And Least Innocent Member During Interview With GanGee

Interviews 05.30.15 | 02:45AM EDT

Girl group Lovelyz chose their 'most innocent' and 'least innocent' members through voting.

AOA ChoA Arena Homme Plus Magazine June 2015 Pictures

Hardworking ChoA Discusses The Odd Jobs That Filled Her Resume Before Joining AOA

Interviews 06.01.15 | 09:14AM EDT

AOA's ChoA showed off her high fashion side in the June issue of Arena Homme Plus. During the accompanying interview, ChoA revealed all the different jobs she had before becoming an idol.


Mamamoo, The KpopStarz Interview: The Soul-Stirring K-Pop Quartet On Their Unique Sound And Vision [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 06.02.15 | 06:07PM EDT

In their first ever exclusive interview with KpopStarz US t K-pop R&B girl group Mamamoo. discussed their early days, their collaborations with Bumkey and K.Will and their innovative music videos.

Former K-pop star Yoo Seungjun (also known as Steve Yoo) once again broke down in tears, in a second Q&A aired Tuesday morning by the website AfreecaTV.

Off-Camera Profanity Undermines Yoo 'Steve' Seungjun's 2nd Plea To Regain His South Korean Citizenship After Dodging Military Service

Scandals 05.27.15 | 10:53PM EDT

The end of Yoo 'Steve' Seungjun's 2nd interview on why he dodged mandatory military service in South Korea featured what some news outlets have speculated is the pop star-turned actor cursing.

tablo new album haru's reaction

Epik High’s Tablo Reveals His Daily Essentials Revolve Around Music, Family And Fashion In Hypetrak Feature

Interviews 05.27.15 | 09:28AM EDT

The rapper-songwriter counts family polaroids, Korean instant ramen, a Star Wars notepad and Nike shoes among his daily must-haves.

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