2AM Chang Min Shows Off His Muscles

2AM Chang Min Shows Off His Body

Headlines 02.11.12 | 08:33PM EST

2AM Chang Min has released a picture of himself at the gym.


Kangta Announces His Intent To Comeback

Etc 02.07.12 | 01:48PM EST

Singer Kangta announced that he is planning to comeback with an album this year.

Big Bang TOP

Big Bang TOP's Sky Blue Hair

Headlines 02.05.12 | 11:04PM EST

Group Big Bang's album jacket cover has been revealed.

Miss A Special Event for Fans

Miss A Create Special Event For Fans

Etc 02.05.12 | 10:43PM EST

Fans were invited to their filming of the music video.


JYP + Se7en = Whopping Success

Headlines 02.05.12 | 04:04PM EST

Se7en's title song, written by JYP, leaves critics raving

Miss A

Miss A's Comeback Scheduled For Late February

Headlines 02.05.12 | 03:25AM EST

Miss A announced that their comeback is scheduled for late February of 2012.

Lee Hyori

"Sexy Queen" Lee Hyori, Comeback Later This Year... Future Singer-MC

Headlines 02.02.12 | 06:17PM EST

Lee Hyori is preparing for her new album, which will be release later this year. She is also debuting as an MC for a up and coming new music program.

Get Ready For A Comeback By Lee Hyori-Possibly As Soon As This Summer

Headlines 02.01.12 | 06:30PM EST

She is currently in the studio recording songs.


Pop Singer IVY To Return In 2012 After Hiatus

Headlines 01.26.12 | 03:46PM EST

Pop singer IVY is reported to return to the music scene in the first half of 2012.


Shinhwa Will Shoot Music Video Next Month

Headlines 01.26.12 | 02:57PM EST

Shinhwa announced that they will be shooting for a new music video next month.

Oh My G.O.D. They're Coming Back

Headlines 01.26.12 | 10:16AM EST

Rumors swirl of a possible G.O.D. reunion.


Lukewarm reaction to TVXQ reunion rumors in Korea, Japan

Headlines 01.25.12 | 02:35PM EST

TVXQ reunion rumors don't draw as much attention from fans in Korea and Japan, as fans believe that it's not realistically possible.


Mark Your Calendar, Shinhwa, The Comeback Kids

Headlines 01.25.12 | 02:19PM EST

Shinhwa is making their come back after a hiatus.

hwang jeong eum

Hwang Jeong Eum, Perfect 'V-shape' face line

Etc 01.16.12 | 12:18PM EST

Hwang Jeong Eum posted her recent photo on her minihopi, and it is becoming an issue with ther sharp 'v-shaped' face line on the internet.

super nova

Supernova who are busy with individual activities, will come back together in spring

Headlines 01.01.12 | 05:41PM EST

Supernova, who is mainly active in Japan, will be making their comebacks in both Korea and Japan at the same time before their leader goes to serve his time in the Korean army.


IVY preparing for her comeback "I'm dieting"

Headlines 12.26.11 | 07:37PM EST

Singer Ivy implied her comeback in early 2012. This will be her first comeback since 2009.

Former Jewelry Member, Ha-rang Jo, Opens Showcase, Resumes Official Activity!

Headlines 12.05.11 | 09:05PM EST

Ha-rang Jo, who previously was an active member of Jewelry, announced a new digital album and opened a showcase, resuming her activity as a singer.

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