Taeyeon's 'Fine' Reaches All-Kill In 4 Hours, #1 On iTunes In 11 Countries In Less Than A Day!

Headlines 03.01.17 | 07:20AM EST

Taeyeon's My Voice solo album sets charts on fire. Fine achieves all kill in just four hours, reached #1 on iTunes in 11 countries. All songs on the album also dominate music charts.


GOT7 'Flight Log:Arrival' Album Now Available For Pre Order, Trailer Inspires Various Fan Theories

Headlines 02.28.17 | 02:51PM EST

Fans eagerly await the release of GOT7's "Flight Log: Arrival" to find out what the trailer means. GOT7 releases full schedule and album track list leading up to album release.

BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook Impresses Charlie Puth With Epic Cover Of 'We Don't Talk Anymore'

Headlines 02.28.17 | 02:50PM EST

Charlie Puth impressed with BTS Jungkook's cover of his song "We Don't Talk Anymore," likes and retweets link to his version.


'Not Today' Edges Out 'Spring Day' In Fan Poll; Big Hit Releases 8 Minute Choreograpy MV For BTS HIt

Headlines 02.27.17 | 01:55PM EST

ARMY fans prefer funky"Not Today" over artsy "Spring Day" MV. Big Hit holds online poll on Twitter to find out the winner. Not Today choreography edition also released.

Dancers 'Twin Kwon'

Why Kwon Twins Are The Picture of Springtime in ‘Vogue Korea’ Pictorial

Trending News 03.01.17 | 07:10AM EST

Fans of BIG BANG, BLACKPINK and former girl group 2NE1 would possibly recognize the two handsome men in Vogue Korea’s latest pictorial “Got Me Looking So Crazy In Love“.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park Shows Different Beauty Looks On Instagram, G-Dragon To Guest On Get It Beauty?

Headlines 02.27.17 | 01:56PM EST

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park shares different looks on Instagram and shines in each and every one. Fans hope newest Get It Beauty look can get rumored boyfriend G-Dragon to appear on the show.


GFRIEND Channels Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' In 'Fingertip' Teaser MV; Girls Bare Edgier Look For New Album

Headlines 02.27.17 | 12:05PM EST

GFRIEND shares edgier style for "FIngertip" teaser MV. Comeback mini album "The Awakening" to come out March 6.

GOT7 Comeback

GOT7 Comeback: Jackson And The Boys Hit The Stage On March 13 With New Album ‘Flight Log: Arrival’

Trending News 02.27.17 | 12:57AM EST

GOT7 and several other idol groups will make a comeback in March. GOT7 will begin their comeback series on February 28 with various teasers release until March 13 when the group will perform on-stage with their new music.

Taeyeon 'Fine' MV

Taeyeon Gets Fans Even More Excited About Solo Album With 'Fine' Teaser MV; 'My Voice'Comes Out On February 28

Headlines 02.27.17 | 12:05PM EST

Taeyeon released a 29 second clip of her song "Fine" from her upcoming solo album "My Voice" and wows fans with alternative pop sound.


BIG BANG, BTS Fans At War Over 'No Signal' Concept In BTS Performance; Gaon Chart Apologizes

Headlines 02.26.17 | 08:39PM EST

Big Bang and BTS fans are at war over allegations that the concept of BTS's recet performance was "copied" from Big Bang's T.O.P. YG Entertainment Producer implies "plagiarism" while Big Hit claims they had nothing to do with the stage set up for the performance.

KPop Sensation Ailee Set For A Grand Comeback

KPop Sensation Ailee Set For Grand Comeback

Hot Issues 02.23.17 | 06:39PM EST

Ailee is now preparing for her grand comeback this coming spring. Surely, her fans will all be waiting for this great and momentous event.

TWICE Releases New Single, 'Knock Knock', Cute Unit Photo Unveiled

TWICE Releases New Single, 'Knock Knock', Cute Unit Photo Unveiled

Hot Issues 02.23.17 | 08:10PM EST

TWICE, a Korean girl group, has just released its newest single entitled, "Knock Knock". With it, a new unit photo of the group has also surfaced.

The Probability Of Having A New Yorker KPop Sensation Is High

The Probability Of Having A New Yorker KPop Sensation Is High

Hot Issues 02.23.17 | 11:15PM EST

The KPop industry has indeed proven itself to be a global phenomenon. Now, reports suggest that a new KPop sensation might rise from the unlikeliest of places, New York City.

Paragon's New KPop Character Getting A Mix Of Reactions From Gamers

Paragon's New KPop Character Getting Mix Of Reactions From Gamers

Hot Issues 02.23.17 | 08:12PM EST

The video game, "Paragon", is getting a new character. However this time, it is reported that it will be a KPop character. Because of this people are shocked and surprised.


K.A.R.D. On Going Co-Ed: 'It was a great blessing'; 'Oh Nana' And 'Don't Recall' Going Strong On iTunes Charts

Headlines 02.23.17 | 11:11PM EST

K.A.R.D singles "Oh Nana" and "Don't Recall" going strong in iTunes charts. Group is glad they went co-ed, says their electropop and synth pop music sets them apart from other groups.


Big Hit Entertainment's Site Hacked! 'Not Today' MV Replaced by 'Knock Knock'

Headlines 02.22.17 | 10:08PM EST

Big Hit Entertainment's official wesite has been hacked by unidentified culprits. Hackers replaced Not Today video with Twice's Knock Knock.


BTS, Twice Heats Up Competition On YouTube; BTS 'Not Today' Regains 24- Hour Record From 'Knock Knock'

Headlines 02.22.17 | 10:04PM EST

BTS' "Not Today" gives Twice's "Knock Knock" a run for its money and regains record for most number of views in 24 hours.


Big Bang, Girls' Generation, BTS, EXO and More! Kpop Hits That Need Acoustic Versions Now

Features 02.22.17 | 10:05PM EST

Kpop stars perform acoustic versions of top hits exceedingly well and makes fans want a record of acoustic tracks as well. Big Bang, Girls' Generation, BTS, EXO, SHINee, lead the list.

Jooe Of Momoland Criticized For Photoshopping Pictures, Celebrates 100th Day With Group

Jooe Of Momoland Criticized For Photoshopping Pictures, Celebrates 100th Day With Group

Hot Issues 02.22.17 | 09:11AM EST

Jooe of the girl group, Momoland is currently in the headlines due to her being criticized for heavily photoshopping her photos.

Park Won and Suzy Bae

Park Won, Suzy Bae Collaborate On "Don't Wait for your Love," Single Drops On Feb 28

Headlines 02.21.17 | 02:51AM EST

Park Won And Suzy Bae Collaborate on "Don't Wait for your Love". Single to be released on February 28 at 12 pm.

Park Bom

Former 2NE1 Member Park Bom Thinks She Is Still A YG Entertainment Artist

Trending News 02.22.17 | 09:13AM EST

"I did??? kkk I left YG??" was Park Bom’s response in a tweet to a fan who asked her last Feb. 20 if she was happy after she left YG.

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