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Ruler: Master of the Mask

Kim So Hyun Says 'Ruler: Master Of The Mask' Co-Star Yoo Seung Ho Is Her Ideal Type; Is A Romance Brewing On Set?

Breaking News 05.04.17 | 03:00PM EDT

Will upcoming drama "Ruler: Master of the Mask" be the latest set to feature a real-life romance? Excited viewers are already expecting sparks to fly between the lead stars Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho as the actress admitted that her new on-screen partner is her ideal type.

Park Bom

2NE1 News: Park Bom Deserves Comeback But Career On Hold Because Of YG's Uncertain Plans?

Breaking News 05.04.17 | 05:50AM EDT

While Park Bom and YG Entertainment still embroiled in the issue over her "The Black Label" contract, fans are wondering what will happen to the former 2NE1 main vocalist's solo career. The latest denial by YG that it has signed the singer under their sub-label comes as a big blow to Blackjacks who have been missing her in the music scene.

Iron's ex girlfriend submitted her written statement to the court.

Iron's Ex-Girlfriend Does Not Want To Have A Settlement With The Rapper

Scandals 05.05.17 | 11:20AM EDT

Iron's ex-girlfriend gave her statement in response to the previous statement by Iron. Check out the details here!

Descendants Of The Sun

Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo Split: Song Song Couple Parting Ways Because Of Actor's Jealousy Towards Gong Yoo?

Breaking News 05.03.17 | 10:49AM EDT

Fresh reports suggest that rumored couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo could be headed for a breakup.

We Got Married - Apink's Bomi, Choi Tae Joon

'We Got Married' Cancellation: MBC To Replace Long-Running Series With Fresh Concept Show

Breaking News 04.28.17 | 10:23PM EDT

After almost a decade on air "We Got Married" may finally have its curtain call this May as the show will be replaced by an entertainment-based show.

Sandara Park Instagram Hacking

Sandara Park's Instagram Gets Hacked

Breaking News 04.28.17 | 10:14PM EDT

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park was the latest to fall victim to hacking as the "One Step" star recently posted on her Instagram a screenshot of the failed attempt to hack into her account.

BTS' Jimin & V bromance: The two often caught doing things in sync.

BTS' Jimin & V Bromance Happens Because They Have Quite The Same Interest

Breaking News 04.28.17 | 03:56AM EDT

Bromance between BTS' Jimin and V happens for having the same interest. The two closeness even noticed by other members.

Top fashionistas In K-Pop industry by

'The List 2017' Revealed The Top Fahionistas In K-Pop Industry: G-Dragon, Yoo Ah In, & More In The List

Breaking News 04.25.17 | 02:09PM EDT

Here are the top 8 fashionistas in K-Pop industry chosen by professionals. Check it out!

Sam Okyere expressed his disappointment for Hong Hyun Hee's blackface comedy.

Sam Okyere Expressed His Disappointment For Hong Hyun Hee's Blackface Comedy, Saying That People Should Not Differentiate Others By The Complexion

Breaking News 04.25.17 | 01:45PM EDT

Hng Hyun Hee just did blackface comedy. Check out the respond from black artist Sam Okyere!

Jang Nara

'Housewife Detective' Cancellation: 2PM's Chansung Confirmed For New Projects As Budget Issues, Delays Plague Jang Nara's New Drama

Breaking News 04.25.17 | 03:39AM EDT

Fresh reports now hint that "Housewife Detective" has become stuck in pre-production with no news of resumption, leading sources to believe that the project is pretty much dead in the water.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk Dating: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Co-stars Finally Confirm Relationship

Breaking News 04.25.17 | 03:41AM EDT

After keeping their relationship private for months, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo stars Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk have finally confirmed that they are dating. The announcement came from their management YG Entertainment.

Heechul challenged Sohye playing on

Hecchul Challenged Sohye To Play Starcraft On 'Game Show' But Ended up Losing

Issues 04.25.17 | 03:27AM EDT

Heechul challenged inexperienced player Sohye to play game but got shocking result. Check out more here!

Nam Tae Hyun gave a warning to obsessive fans to take legal actions for invading private life.

Nam Tae Hyun Gave Warning To Obsessive Fans To Not Invade His Personal Life

Issues 04.25.17 | 03:27AM EDT

Nam Tae Hyun just gave warning to obsessive fans through his instagram. Check out his complete message here!

Sistar's Soyu Posed For Cosmopolitan Magazine

Sistar's Soyu Posed For Cosmopolitan Magazine; Shares Her Secret About Having A Fit And Toned Body

Trends 04.25.17 | 03:19AM EDT

Soyu post for a cover in Cosmopolitan just this month and shared her healthy lifestyle and the thought of being healthy.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori's New Reality Show: 5,000 Applicants Apply To Be The Guests At Her House

Stars on TV / Movies 04.23.17 | 04:51PM EDT

Lee Hyori's new reality show has a really good response. Check it out here!

Lee Min Ho is rumored to split with Suzy due to his enlistment in May.

Lee Min Ho And Bae Suzy's Split Rumors Arise Due To 'The Heirs' Actor's Enlistment In May

Issues 04.23.17 | 01:08AM EDT

Another rumor about the split of Lee Min Ho and Suzy's relationship. Check it out here!

JYP is rumored to produce TWICE's new song.

JYP Posted On Instagram Finishing Producing: People Predicted He Would Compose TWICE's New Song For May Comeback

Breaking News 04.22.17 | 07:25AM EDT

There is a rumor of JYP producing TWICE's song for the first time after seeing his post in instagram. Check more here!

Song Joong Ki was rumored to marry Song Hye Kyo after saying he wanted to be a good husband and father.

Song Joong Ki Wanted To Be A Good Husband & Father: He Was Rumored To Marry His Co-Lead In 'Descendants of the Sun'

Issues 04.22.17 | 07:08AM EDT

Rumors about Song Joong Ki wanted to marry Song Hye Kyo got stronger. Check out the details here!

Kris Wu Studio gave warning to false information badmouthing EXO members.

Kris Wu Studio Gave Warning Towards False Information About Him Badmouthing EXO Members

Issues 04.20.17 | 08:00PM EDT

Kris was previously reported by Zhou Wei to badmouth EXO members. Recently, he gave warning for the false information in the weibo of his personal label.

BTS' V being chased by sasaeng fans at Gimpo Airport.

BTS' V Run Away Being Chased By Sasaeng Fans At Gimpo Airport: The Idol Was Grabbed By His Manager To Escape

Breaking News 04.20.17 | 09:29AM EDT

BTS' V got a bad experience being chased by sasaeng girls at Gimpo Airport. Check out more here!

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