GQ Korea Selects the Five Idol Stages That Shone This 2020

GQ Korea selected the top 5 most memorable idol stages that absolutely shone this 2020. Keep on reading to see who made their rankings.

GQ Korea released their "The 5 Idol Stages That Shone This 2020" on Thursday, Dec. 17. The publication had noted that even though idols performed with a live audience this year, countless artists still took the stage and dazzled everyone with their talents. Despite the dozens of stages that were performed this year, GQ Korea narrowed down five stages that perfectly commemorated the year.

The first stage they selected was Oh My Girl member YooA's stage for her solo debut "Bon voyage." From all the stages they selected, they chose her debut stage from KBS's "Music Bank".

In the video, you are immediately hooked by the introduction as you are greeted with butterflies flying towards the forest-theme set. The stage is filled with the energy of flowers, water, and the earth. YooA's facial expressions set the aura of the stage with her doll-like eyes and fairy-like visuals, causing everyone to fall in love with her. Her background dancers perform together with YooA, totally bringing the stage together.

The next stage GQ Korea chose is LOONA's SBS's "Inkigayo" stage for "So What".

This year, LOONA made two comebacks, "So What" and "Why Not?" "So What" was praised as being as elegant as their past comeback "Butterfly," but exuded more girl crush and badass energy. In this particular stage, LOONA drew attention with their shirts and pants of various lengths, showing variety despite still being unified by their concept. Certain members, like Chuu, rocked a cute skirt with a top, while other members, like Yves, showed off their girl crush side with pants.

The next stage that was selected is WOODZ's (also known as Cho Seungyoun) SBS's "Inkigayo" stage for "Love Me Harder."

GQ Korea praised WOODZ for his free-spirited attitude while on stage. WOODZ's facial expressions as he performs perfectly show the ambivalence of love. Donning a neat suit and blue hair, WOODZ has people falling in love with his charms. During the bridge, WOODZ is seen untying his hair and smiling at the camera, showing off both refined and casual energy.

Another male soloist who made GQ Korea's list is Taemin's SBS's "Inkigayo" stage for "CRIMINAL."

On the stage, Taemin is seen dancing in black in the center with his backup dancers who are in red. Isn't that quite an opening? How did Taemin come up with such a unique concept? Taemin has shown us his dancing that is not limited to masculinity ad femininity, showing his ability to exude unique energy. Taemin shows off his fluidity and his amazing facial expressions that show he immersed in the performance. It is a stage you will never get tired of watching.

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The last (but not the least!) stage that was selected in Golden's Child's KBS's "Music Bank" stage for "Pump It Up."

Initially, when Golden Child announced that they would be returning with a fresh concept, much like their debut, many people were both happy and worried. Initially, people thought it was awkward that they were singing such a song, with many thinking they suited darkened concepts more. However, they proved people wrong with their "Music Bank" stage.

The group appeared in outfits that were reminiscent of their debut track "DamDaDi." The group is seen outfits modeled after pilot's uniforms and showcased a refreshing, feel-good stage that is certified to soothe your bitterness. They showed a stage that was even compared to a musical!

Did your favorite stage make it to the list?

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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