BoA, TVXQ, 2PM, & More: These 11 K-pop Artists Sang Theme Songs for Anime Series

Numerous K-pop artists have become widely known in Japan, especially those who learned the language and released songs that are sung in Japanese. A few acts even got the chance to sing theme songs for several anime series, some of which are popular outside of the country.

Below are 11 Korean acts that have sung one or more theme songs for the anime series. Keep on reading to know more details.

BoA Has Sung Theme Songs for Three Anime Series

Dubbed as the "Queen of K-pop," BoA is noted as one of the most successful and influential Korean stars throughout her career. She, in fact, is the first K-pop idol to find success in Japan. Considering this, it's no surprise that she was also chosen to sing soundtracks for animes.

Back in March 2002, she recorded a track titled "Every Heart: Minna no Kimochi," which was used as the ending theme song for the popular Japanese series "Inuyasha." Then, in the following year, BoA released the Japanese single "Beside You - Boku wo Yobu Koe," which served as the opening theme song for "Monkey Typhoon," known in Japan as "Association Robot Goku."

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In July 2014, BoA sang the 15th opening theme song for "Fairy Tail," another popular anime in Japan and overseas. The track is titled "Masayume Chasing."

TVXQ Sings Three Theme Songs for the Anime "One Piece"

In their Japan releases, TVXQ - currently consisting of Yunho and Changmin - uses the group name Tohoshinki. Like BoA, the duo has also sung multiple soundtracks, but the difference is TVXQ only released songs for one anime series, titled "One Piece." It is one of the oldest yet most popular Japanese shows.

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TVXQ released their first song for "One Piece" in March 2006. Titled "Asua wa Kuru Kara," the track served as the ending theme. Three years later, they dropped the single album "Share The World/ We Are!," which contains three tracks that have been used as theme songs for the said television series. The single album, in fact, has been labeled "One Piece single."

2PM Records a Theme Song for "Ao no Exorcist"

2PM is another K-pop boy group that has recorded a soundtrack for an anime. In particular, the band sang "Take Off" as the ending theme song for "Ao no Exorcist" or "Blue Exorcist" back in 2011. This is also a popular manga series in Japan.

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Below are Other K-pop Artists Who Sang Theme Songs for Anime Series:

1. Younha

"Houkiboshi" for BLEACH

"Hakanaku Tsuyoka" as the opening theme for "Kiba"

"Kioku" for "RIDEBACK"

"Te Wo Tsunaide" as the ending theme song for "Jyu Oh Sei"

2. F.T. Island

"Satisfaction" for "Toriko"

"Neverland" as the opening theme song for "Ozuma"

3. Oh My Girl

"Eternalism" as an OST for "Kekkai Sensend and Beyond"

4. Apink

"Brand New Days" as the opening song for "Rilu Rilu Fairilu"

5. TXT

"Everlasting Shine" as the opening theme for "Black Clover"

6. CNBlue

"In My Head" as the ending theme for "Supernatural"


"Baby U!" as an opening theme song for "Beelzebub"

8. Secret

"Twinkle Twinkle" as an ending theme for "Naruto Shippuden: Rock Lee Go"

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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