APRIL Naeun's Sister Accused of Bullying After Defending Naeun

After defending Naeun, the APRIL member's older sister was accused of school bullying.

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APRIL Naeun's Older Sister Accused of School Bullying

On June 13, KST, APRIL Naeun's older sister took to her personal Instagram account to share - in a now-deleted post - excerpts from Naeun's private diary from 2016 that suggest that the APRIL member was not a perpetrator of bullying and had suffered for a long period of time herself. In addition, Naeun's older sister also claimed that Naeun was "too depressed to bully someone else" and asked for the public to stop speculating.

However, under the older sister's post, a lengthy comment was left - seemingly from a former classmate of Naeun's older sister - where she was accused of being a school bully herself.

The comment by the netizen (hereafter referred to as "A") reveals themselves as one of older sister's school bullying victims and that people had talked a lot about the older sister after Naeun's bullying controversy came up. "A," says, "I didn't know it back then, but it turns out that you were quite something in Daejeon's G private art institute too? I am compiling my own and others' testimonials, so don't even try to find out who I am."

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"A" then reveals that Naeun's older sister only cared about her looks and forming her own clique during class. She also recalls the time that the older sister went to detention after she was caught cursing for violating the school's dress code and asks if she remembers how she treated her own classmates.

"A" goes on to say that they don't understand how the older sister can show her support of school violence and concludes it must be because the older sister doesn't know how "XX" felt after finding their gym clothes on the floor after lending it to her, or how she doesn't remember kicking the desk of "XX" with her friend "Song," demanding that they apologize to her.

"A" adds how time really flies, "It felt like it was just yesterday when you were bragging about your sister being a trainee. I don't hold any grudges against your sister, but I cannot believe you are making excuses for such an issue." "A," says that although they don't know anything about Naeun, the older sister can't be the one to publicly raise her voice.

"A" ends their lengthy comment by saying that to Naeun's older sister, it must have been something in the past, but to them, it still haunts them to this day and impacted their personality and perspective on life. "A" adds that what they said was only the tip of the iceberg, however, they don't want to write a long and detailed post or think about the older sister.

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"Please don't say anything else... I don't have anything to do with your sister, your parents, or their label. Just stay quiet...if you have any conscience," said "A."

After the netizen's comment gained attention, Naeun's older sister made her Instagram account private and has deleted the post.

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