Did BTS RM and TWICE Nayeon High-Five? This Is What Happened

An old video of BTS member RM and TWICE member Nayeon has resurfaced, and people are convinced they high-fived each other. But did they? Find out here!

Did BTS RM and TWICE Nayeon High-Five?

An old video of BTS member RM and TWICE member Nayeon at the Seoul Music Awards in January 2019 has resurfaced, making its rounds on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. In the clip, numerous idol groups are seen walking around the stage, greeting one another as they pass and waving at their friends.

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In the clip, RM and Nayeon are seeing walking past each other. Right as they are next to each other, the two idols are seen raising their hands, which has led people to speculate that the two shared a high-five. However, their hands are momentarily blocked by ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo hugging BTS's J-Hope, so fans do not know for sure.

RM Nayeon
(Photo : @.cherry.tzu on TikTok)

This has caused debate among fans. Some fans believe that the two did, in fact, high-five, while others say it is more likely that the two simply waved at each other. Some have analyzed the video further and claimed that RM patted Nayeon on the shoulder instead of high-fiving her. This has caused many to be interested in their relationship with each other.

RM Nayeon
(Photo : @.cherry.tzu on TikTok)

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But did they actually high-five? Find out below!

Sorry, Guys — BTS RM and TWICE Nayeon Did NOT High-Five

To the fans rooting for their friendship (or more), this may be sad news for you. The two idols did not, in fact, high-five. When the video is slowed down, fans actually see the two idols waving and looking across the stage at the audience. While it may appear that they are waving at each other, they are actually waving at the fans cheering at the audience.

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Nayeon raised her hand to wave at fans on the left side while RM greets fans on the right side. It just so happens that the two decided to wave at fans at the same time as they passed by each other. The angle of the video makes it appear that they shared a high-five, but different angles of the clip show what truly happened.

While fans agree that it is possible they are friends — both idols attended Apgujeong High School in Gangnam, though RM was a grade above Nayeon — it is agreed that they would much rather keep whatever relation they have to themselves instead of having such public interactions.

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What do you think of the situation? Tell us in the comments below!

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