These are the 10 Best-Selling Albums of 2021 So Far

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Half of the year has already passed, and with that, many K-Pop releases from our favorite artists! With the numerous albums released this year, here are the ten best-selling albums of 2021 so far.

Curious to know which album sold the most this year? Then keep on reading to know more!

BTS' 'Butter' is the Best-Selling Album of 2021 So Far

Currently the best-selling album of 2021 so far is BTS' recent release and their single CD, "Butter"! "Butter," which was released just last month on July 9, has sold more than 2.4 million album copies in 2021 alone, an amazing achievement in just a month.

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"Butter," which is the CD version of their May 2021 single release of the same name, contains four tracks in total. Their second hit song sung in English, "Butter," their collaboration song with British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran, "Permission to Dance," and the instrumental versions of these two songs.

In fact, just a week after the release of "Butter," the CD had already sold more than 1.9 million copies from July 9 to July 15, making "Butter" the highest-selling album released in 2021.

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Meanwhile, BTS' hit song, "Butter," continues to stay within the Top 5 of Billboard's popular chart, Hot 100, for its eleventh week. They also achieved a new record of replacing themselves twice as No.1 on the chart with "Butter" and "Permission to Dance."

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NCT DREAM's 'Hot Sauce' is the Second Best-Selling Album of 2021 So Far

Not far behind BTS is NCT DREAM's album, "Hot Sauce," as the second best-selling album of 2021 so far. "Hot Sauce" was released back on May 10 and has accumulated more than 2 million album sales.

The album also marks NCT DREAM's first-ever full-length album released since their debut, in addition, it is also the first album that features all seven members of NCT DREAM, following the return of Mark to the group.

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Prior to the release of the album, "Hot Sauce" had already surpassed 1.71 million album copies in pre-order as of May 9, also setting a new record as the album with the highest pre-orders among SM Entertainment artists.

A week after the release of the album, "Hot Sauce" had officially sold more than a million album copies, according to Hanteo chart. On May 26, "Hot Sauce" officially surpassed 2 million album copies sold, making the album the best-selling album of 2021 at the time.

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"Hot Sauce" features ten tracks in its listing, including their title song "Hot Sauce," "Diggity," "Dive Into You," "My Youth," "Rocket," "Countdown (3,2,1)," "ANL," "Irreplaceable," "Be There For You," and "Rainbow."

These are the 10 Best-Selling Albums of 2021 So Far:

1. BTS - "Butter" (2.4 million)

2. NCT DREAM - "Hot Sauce" (2 million)

3. SEVENTEEN - "Your Choice" (1.4 million)

4. EXO - "Don't Fight the Feeling" (1.3 million)

5. NCT DREAM - "Hello Future" (1.2 million)

6. Baekhyun - "Bambi" (1 million)

7. BTS - "BE" (983k)

8. TXT - "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE" (808k)


10. Rosé - "R" (587k)

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