BTS Participates in #CallOutRacismHateSpeech Campaign

As special presidential envoys, BTS attends the 76th United Nations General Assembly in the United States. They also participated in the campaign #CallOutRacismHateSpeech.

BTS joins the #CallOutRacismHateSpeech campaign

On September 18, BTS posted on their official Twitter the launching of the #CallOutRacismHateSpeech campaign. 

Now, it is one of the most popular trends in Twitter along with the hashtag "GlobalGoals."

In 2015, all of the members of the United Nations started committing with the Sustainable Development Goals. It is their shared vision to end poverty, rescue the planet and build a peaceful world.

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BTS Campaign
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The global movement will give a better recovery and deliver 2030 promises, they will mobilize individualis, families, communities, businesses, cities, and countries in order to make the Sustainable Development Goals of their own.

The website asks the participants to add a photo with their photo filters that will highlight key promises and share through their social media accounts.

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BTS attends the 76th United Nations General Assembly

As Special Presidential Envoys of South Korea, BTS will be in the United States to participate in the 76th United Nations General Assembly..

The event will feature a performance by K-pop stars, one of them in particular, is BTS.

The seven-member K-Pop group has been working together with the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) since 2017 on the "Love Myself" campaign to end the worldwide problem of bullying, and to promote self-esteem.

BTS Special Envoy To The President
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The septet is reported to do their appearance on September 20, anf it is speculated the internet traffic would be a bit slower. Last year, their video message was released during the event and the system struggled with the internet traffic.

BTS will give a speech about the Sustainable Development Goals of President Moon Jae-in for the government as president's special envoy in the opening session of the Sustainable Development Goals Event that will be presided over by the UN Secretary General on September 20. 

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(Photo : Twitter: @bts_bighit)

BTS attended as a global youth representative and speaker during the 73rd United Nations General Assembly which was held in September 2018 at the Trusteeship Board of the United Nations Headquarters located in New York, USA. At that time, they delivered a speech about the campaign "LOVE YOURSELF."

In September 2020, they participated as a special speaker during the high-level meeting of the UN Health and Security Agency Group. During the aftermath of COVID-19, the speech was delivered through a pre-recorded video. BTS emotionally delivered a message of hope to the world to "live in a new world" through the warm solidarity with each other from desperate times.

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