JYPn Kyujin Gains Attention for Looking Like TWICE Nayeon and ITZY Yuna in Latest Behind-the-Scenes Photos

JYPn Kyujin is gaining attention for her visuals that are reminiscent of TWICE Nayeon and ITZY Yuna. Read on to see her resemblance to the two stars!

JYPn Kyujin Gains Attention for Looking Like TWICE Nayeon and ITZY Yuna in Latest Behind-the-Scenes Photos
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Does JYPn Kyujin Look Like TWICE Nayeon and ITZY Yuna?

On September 20, JYP Entertainment released behind-the-scenes photos of Kyujin, a 2006-liner trainee who is set to make her debut in JYPn (tentative name). The behind-the-scenes images were taken on the set of Kyujin's "My Oh My" (Camilla Cabello) cover.

Since the release of the photos, the soon-to-be idol has received many compliments for her fresh and attractive visuals.

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Many are falling for her bright smile. Her playful and energetic aura is reminiscent of seniors from the same company, namely TWICE member Nayeon and ITZY member Yuna.

At only 15 years old, Kyujin is already showing the same qualities as her seniors, and people believe she will be a beauty just as famous as them in the future.

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As she is still young, many believe that her beauty will mature and become even sharper in the future. Other celebrities that she was compared to include Apink member Son Naeun and actress Kang Ha Na.

Additionally, Kyujin also received compliments over her beautiful shoulder line. JYP Entertainment artists, such as TWICE and ITZY, are also known for their beautiful shoulders. Therefore, people think she is following in the footsteps of her seniors perfectly.

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Kyujin's new behind-the-scenes photos have people wondering who their bias is going to be. Previously, members like Jinni and Sullyoon caused a fever due to their outstanding visuals.

Now, however, it is Jinni's turn, as she also proves herself as a visual and a potential face of the group.

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The beautiful line-up of JYPn has people indecisive over who their bias is going to be! Though all of them are still trainees, each member has shown a professional aura.

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Do you have a bias in JYPn? Tell us in the comments below!

About JYPn Kyujin

Kyujin is a 2006-liner who is set to make her debut in JYP Entertainment's upcoming girl group, JYPn, in February 2022.

As of the time of writing, she is the maknae of the group, meaning she is the youngest member. Kyujin was first introduced to the public in 2018 when she was included in JYP Entertainment's mini show-case line-up. It is believed that is the year she signed with the label.

(Photo : JYPn Twitter)

Before signing with JYP Entertainment as a trainee, Kyujin was a student at the Withbill Dance Academy. Clips of her dancing can be found on social media, proving she has always had an aptitude for dance!

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