These 9 Iconic K-Pop Choreographies Were Made by ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Crew LA CHICA

Did you know these nine dances by female K-pop artists were choreographed by the "Street Woman Fighter" crew LA CHICA? Keep on reading to see which ones they are!

1. Chungha - CHICA

Chungha released "CHICA" as a b-sidetrack for her 2019 mini-album "Flourishing." LA CHICA created the choreography of the group. Their crew name also came about after they choreographed for the song. LA CHCIA means "the girls."

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2. aespa - Next Level

LA CHICA is one of the six choreographing teams that were credited for choreographing aespa's "Next Level." Their dance moves can be seen in Karina and Giselle's rap before the third chorus and in the final bridge. LA CHICA shared what their choreography looks like before modifications on their YouTube channel.

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3. CLC - Helicopter

In 2020, LA CHICA choreographed CLC's "Helicopter." While some parts of the dance were modified to suit CLC better and make it easier to perform while singing, most of LA CHICA's moves were retained in CLC's version. Rian of LA CHICA shared a video comparing their dance with CLC's on her YouTube channel.

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4. Hyoyen - Dessert (feat. Loopy and SOYEON of (G)I-DLE)

LA CHICA member Rian choreographed Hyoyeon's, who also goes by HYO, 2020 song "DESSERT." Rian has taught the choreographies on online K-pop training academies, such as ED Online K-Pop Training Agency.

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5. TWICE - Perfect World

While "Perfect World' is not a Korean song (it is one of TWICE's Japanese releases), it was added to the list as the artist is a K-pop group. LA CHICA choreographed TWICE's "Perfect World' in 2021. The dance trio even shared a reaction video of the music video to their YouTube channel, where they shared stories concerning the dancing.

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6. Chungha - Snapping

Chungha released "Snapping" as the lead single of her 2019 mini-album "Flourishing." This means this is the second song from the said album that LA CHICA choreographed for Chungha. LA CHICA shared their original choreography of the song to their YouTube channel. The dance was modified slightly by Chungha, who is highly involved in the dance creation for her songs.

7. Chungha - Play (feat. CHANGMO)

Chungha released "Play (feat. CHANGMO)" as the second single from her 2020 studio album "Querencia." LA CHICA choreographed this song for Chungha as well. The dance crew shared the first demo of the dance to their YouTube channel in February 2021.

8. Hyoyeon - Second (feat. BIBI)

LA CHICA choreographed Hyoyeon's "Second (feat. BIBI)" in 2021. While the group did not share a dance video to their YouTube channel, they did appear in the music video with Hyoyeon and promoted the song with her. The idol even filmed a music video reaction with the dance crew, which was shared to Girls' Generation's YouTube channel.

9. Chungha - Gotta Go

Ending this list is yet another Chungha song, "Gotta Go." Chungha released this song in 2019 as the lead single for her mini-album of the same name. The dance became viral in South Korea, and the song ultimately earned Chungha her first music show win. LA CHICA choreographed the song and shared the first demo for the dance to their YouTube channel.

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Written by Alexa Lewis.

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