Kep1er Announces Debut in December + Drops First Teaser for Upcoming Release

Kep1er, which was formed through "Girls Planet 999," has started the countdown for their highly-anticipated debut with their first teaser.

Kep1er's Debut Set to Take Place in December + Group Reveals First Teaser

On Nov. 22 at midnight KST, Kep1er launched a new website prior to their debut. Through the website, the new girl group officially announced that they will make their much-awaited debut in December.

(Photo : Twitter: @official_kep1er)

In addition to this, the "Girls Planet 999" group dropped the first teaser photo for their first music release next month. The image hints at their concept for their upcoming debut.

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In the teaser photo that Kep1er shared, the nine members (Yujin, Xiaoting, Bahiyyih, Yeseo, Chaehyun, Hikaru, Mashiro, Dayeon and Youngeun) can be seen sitting around a long wooden table amid a green garden with huge blossoms behind them.

At the bottom of the image is the phrase "2021 12 ** Kep1er is coming," again revealing their plan to debut in December.

Kep1er Debut
(Photo : Kep1er)

Kep1er's debut has been anticipated since the final episode of "Girls Planet 999" wherein the nine members of the new girl group were chosen.

During the finale of Mnet's latest girl group survival show, not only were the final rankings were unveiled but also the group name.

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"Girls Planet 999" host Yeo Jin Goo announced the winners one by one, with Kim Chaehyun finishing in the first place, Huening Bahiyyih in second place, Choi Yujin in third place, Kim Dayeon in fourth place, Seo Youngeun in fifth place, Kang Yeseo in sixth place, Ezaki Hikaru in seventh place, Sakamoto Mashiro in eighth place and Shen Xiaoting in ninth place.

(Photo : Twitter: @official_kep1er)

The rankings of the nine contestants were based wholly on votes sent in by global fans, who were called the Planet Guardians during the survival show.

Meanwhile, Kep1er will be managed by Wakeone Entertainment and Swing Entertainment and will promote for two and a half years starting next month.

Are you excited for Kep1er's debut in December?

Kep1er's Leader and Co-Leader Announced during the Group's First YouTube Live

Ahead of the official announcement of their debut, Kep1er has been communicating with fans through live stream platforms for the past weeks.

On Nov. 18, the "Girls Planet 999" group held their first YouTube Live and revealed the official positions of two of their members.

Girls Planet 999
(Photo : Twitter: @_girlsplanet999)
Choi Yujin

During the live broadcast, the group's only Chinese member, Shen Xiaoting, announced Choi Yujin as their leader. Yujin gave a bright smile as the members seated behind her applauded.

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Choi Yujin initially made her debut in CUBE Entertainment's girl group CLC in 2016. As she is the most experienced among the members, it's no wonder the girls chose her as Kep1er's leader

Next, they announced which member will take the co-leader position and it is none other than Sakamoto Mashiro, one of the Japanese members of the group.

Girls Planet 999
(Photo : Twitter: @_girlsplanet999)
Sakamoto Mashiro

Sakamoto Mashiro showcased her incredible talent and leadership skills during the group missions on "Girls Planet 999," hence, fans are giving positive feedback about her being Kep1er's co-leader.

Meanwhile, the positions of the seven remaining members are expected to be revealed soon.

In the meantime, watch Kep1er's dance practice of the "Girls Planet 999" theme song "O.O.O." here!

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