choi hong man and soyul

Choi Hong Man Reveals His Love For K-Pop Group Crayon Pop

Stars on TV / Movies 02.03.14 | 11:02AM EST



K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories in American News (Week of December 9 - December 15)

Features 12.16.13 | 07:10AM EST

K-Pop news is not only in South Korea, it is reaching other countries such as the US.


CNBLUE Gives a First Preview of their "PRESENT", Their Japanese Album of Bests

Headlines 11.23.13 | 02:23PM EST



Learn Korean: FIESTAR's Word of the Week 'GaenSo'

Stars on TV / Movies 10.19.13 | 06:53PM EDT

Overseas fans get a new Korean lesson from FIESTAR, the word 'GaenSo'


Learn Korean: Girl Group FIESTAR Teaches the Slang Word 'Cri'

Stars on TV / Movies 10.12.13 | 08:23PM EDT

Another Korean word learned from FIESTAR A-HA!

Margaret Cho's Korean Spa Discrimination Over Tattoos Makes the Comedienne Furious, Shares Her Rage On A Blog

Trending News 05.24.13 | 11:28AM EDT

Margaret Cho infuriated about the offensive treatment she experienced from a Korean spa.

Margaret Cho Korean Spa: Heavily Tattooed Comedienne Furious at Korean Spa, Says “I Deserve to Be Naked If I Want To"

Trending News 05.22.13 | 10:23AM EDT

Margaret Cho was so enraged when she was asked to cover her body in a clothing-optional Korean Spa in LA.

K-pop Review: Lee Hi First Album - 1집 - First Love Part 1, 'Released Too Soon?

Reviews 03.10.13 | 06:10PM EDT

...this album is that it came WAY too soon. Lee Hi just debuted, and though she has the perfect voice for this genre of music, its is not strong enough to carry her through her career...

New York Korean Fashion Festival Shows Off Korean and Local Fashion Designers!

New York Korean Fashion Festival Shows Off Korean and Local Fashion Designers!

Headlines 02.13.13 | 11:30PM EST

With a mix of Korean and New York designers and brands, NYKFF sheds light on them with a fashion show and pop-up boutique!

The First Collage

K-Pop Review: The First Collage

Reviews 12.09.12 | 09:24PM EST

Not only did this album do wonder's for Yang Yoseob's individual image but it really strengthened Yong Junhyung's image as a producing, songwriting idol. He did a pretty solid job especially with the title song, and after listening to "카페인 (Caffeine)," I crave a self-produced solo album from Junhyung!

K-Pop Review: Melting by HyunA

K-Pop Review: Melting by HyunA

Headlines 11.09.12 | 09:26PM EST

As a whole, I really don't care for this album, and it was forgettable for me. However, Hyun Ah did provide us with another catchy summer time hit (even though it was released in the fall).

K-Pop Review: Blockbuster by Block B

K-Pop Review: Blockbuster by Block B

Headlines 11.06.12 | 11:13AM EST

After a long and agonizing wait, Block B made a explosive comeback with their 1st full length album, "Blockbuster," following a 10 month hiatus after serious controversy cut their last promotions short.

One of A Kind

K-Pop Review: One of a Kind by G-Dragon

Reviews 10.11.12 | 10:30AM EDT

My favorite thing about this album, that I feel other artists NEED to follow suite on, is that every last song on this album could have been the title song, and could have been promoted.

Son Dongwoon

BEAST Son Dongwoon "I am Korean"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.21.12 | 12:09PM EST

BEAST member Son Dongwoon caught the attention of fans as he introduced himself as a Korean.

'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' 3 child actors Casual Look

'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' 3 child actors Casual Look

Fashion & Style 02.17.12 | 02:32AM EST

'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' 3 child actors Casual Look


KARA Kang Jiyoung on "Joo's Talk Concert"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.02.12 | 03:34PM EST

Kang Jiyoung explains the pros and cons of having the underage working laws.

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