Korea's Most Outrageous Beauty Trend Curently

Headlines 08.11.17 | 12:50PM EDT

Korea's Most Outrageous Beauty Trend


Netizen's Impressed A Japanese Star Looks Like This Korean Idol Without Surgery

Hot Issues 08.09.17 | 06:04PM EDT

Netizen's Are Impressed This Japanese Star Made Himself Look More Korean Without Surgery


Exploring K-Fashion & Beauty With Leez Department Store in New York

Features 07.10.17 | 04:54PM EDT

Exploring K-Fashion & Beauty With Leez Department Store in New York

Don Malik

Korean Rapper Don Malik Gets Detained and Denied US Entry For SXSW

Trending News 03.20.17 | 09:02AM EDT

Don Malik and his crew were welcomed with a barrage of questions from customs.


Iron Indicted For Violent Assault: Korean Rapper Claims He Is Innocent

Trending News 03.16.17 | 08:34AM EDT

Iron was indicted without detention for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend while having sexual intercourse, but the Korean rapper claims he is innocent.

Actress, natural beauty

Park So Dam, Kim Go Eun, Han Ye Ri Among K-Actresses With Natural Beauty

Trending News 03.13.17 | 12:26PM EDT

These actresses have set a whole new level of Korean beauty standard with their natural beauty.


7 Signs You're Addicted to K-dramas

Headlines 02.28.17 | 02:53PM EST

Hard core fans of K-dramas are familiar with the signs of Korean drama addiction. Here are a few of the symptoms to find out if you're afflicted with it.


BIG BANG, BTS Fans At War Over 'No Signal' Concept In BTS Performance; Gaon Chart Apologizes

Headlines 02.26.17 | 08:39PM EST

Big Bang and BTS fans are at war over allegations that the concept of BTS's recet performance was "copied" from Big Bang's T.O.P. YG Entertainment Producer implies "plagiarism" while Big Hit claims they had nothing to do with the stage set up for the performance.

MBC Music Festival

Kangnam and Jisook Confess They Both Used to Sneak Out On Dates

Trending News 01.31.17 | 06:56AM EST

Kangnam and Jissok shares in Singderella show how they escape to meet their dates.

The 24th Seoul Music Award

26th Seoul Music Awards Winners Announced; EXO, BTS Tops List

Headlines 01.31.17 | 06:55AM EST

Winners of the 26th Seoul Music Awards has been awarded. Complete list of winners released on this article.

Rain May Consider Retiring After Releasing New Album

Psy Gives ‘The Best Present’ To Rain Ahead Of His Wedding to Kim Tae Hee

Hot Issues 01.31.17 | 12:26AM EST

Psy collaborates a song with Rain on his comeback project after 4 years.

 Strategy Of VIXX’s Ravi Shared About His Collecting Artists For His First Solo Album

Strategy Of VIXX’s Ravi Shared About His Collecting Artists For His First Solo Album

Headlines 01.24.17 | 03:22AM EST

On Jan. 18, Grazia magazine revealed cuts from a photo shoot featuring VIXX’s Ravi showcasing his elegant proportions and fit figure. On Jan. 9, Ravi is currently promoting as a solo rapper, after release of his first self-produced mini album, "R.EAL1ZE".

120 Slices Of Bread Eaten By Mukbang BJ Brothers And See The Result

Headlines 01.13.17 | 12:11PM EST

Mukbeng BJ also mentioned as Muk-bang BJ is a sort of Food Porn. Mukbang is a Korean phenomenon – in Korean muk-bang roughly means to “Food Broadcast”.


Announcement Made By S.E.S. Member Bade To Enter Into Wedding Knot In March

Headlines 01.13.17 | 12:35PM EST

Born on February 2, 1980, Choi Sung-hee known as Bada or Sea is a member of South Korean Girl group S.E.S. She is a South Korean singer and musical actress.

Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day On National Mall To End Extreme Poverty And Solve Climate Change - Show

Ravi Of VIXX Shows His Talent, Features San E

Headlines 01.10.17 | 10:52AM EST

Jellyfish Entertainment formed VIXX which is a six member South Korean boy band. In Korean the word is pronounced as “vicks”. VIXX stands for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis.

Alex Missing From The Dance Practice Of BP RaNia’s ‘Start a Fire’

Headlines 01.10.17 | 09:40AM EST

Alex Missing From The Dance Practice Of BP RaNia’s ‘Start a Fire’. The members of RaNia include Yina, Alex, Jieun, Yumin, Zi.U, Ttabo and Hyeme.

Super Junior The 7th Album 'MAMACITA' Press Conference in Seoul

Viewpoint Of Shindong On Jaejoong If He Stole Too Much Glare With Military Discharge.

Headlines 01.05.17 | 11:38AM EST

DJ Kim Shin Young asked Shindong on this day that if Jaejoong, who had left the military at a similar time as he did steal too much of the media’s interest.

Ahn Jae-hyun Attends Fan Meeting In Taipei

Jaehyun In Sporting Blonde Hair During Choreography For “Limitless”

Headlines 01.04.17 | 01:03PM EST

Born on February 14, 1997, Jaehyun is 20 years old and is now lead vocalist of NCT band.

Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event

Kim Jong Konk And Song Ji Hyo To Get Married Soon According To Predictions

Headlines 01.10.17 | 04:42AM EST

On the January 1 episode, “The Running Man” members had their fortunes told by both a traditional Korean fortune teller (saju) and a tarot fortune teller.

Train To Busan

'Train To Busan' to get Hollywood adaptation! Check out details here

Headlines 12.09.16 | 10:02PM EST

Next Entertainment World announces that the hit zombie film will have its own Hollywood adaption.

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