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SMTOWN Release Special Welcome Video ‘IAM’ Biography Movie

SMTOWN Releases Special Welcome Video ‘IAM’ Café Open

Headlines 04.04.12 | 10:58PM EDT

SM Entertainment announces an official café for ‘IAM’ along with a special welcome teaser on YouTube.


EXO Debut April 8, Both Korea and China! EXO-M Perform in Chinese Grammy Awards

Headlines 04.04.12 | 04:16PM EDT

SM Entertainment’s new highly anticipated group EXO-K and EXO-M will make their long awaited debut on TV both in Korea and China.

SM Town Live

SMTOWN Live World Tour Tickets Go on Sale April 5!

Headlines 04.04.12 | 12:27PM EDT

SMTOWN World Tour III has been scheduled at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Sunday, May 20. Tickets will go on sale April 5 at 5PM PDT.

SMTOWN World Tour

SMTOWN Live Kicks Off Third World Tour in Los Angeles Next May

Headlines 04.02.12 | 11:05PM EDT

‘SM Town Live’ will begin their third world tour from May.

SM Rookie EXO 'Explosive Response' at China Showcase

Headlines 04.01.12 | 10:53PM EDT

SM Entertainment new group EXO-K and EXO-M has received explosive response in China continuing from Korea.

SM Release EXO’s Showcase Highlight Video

SM Releases EXO’s Showcase Highlight Video

Headlines 03.31.12 | 06:10PM EDT

EXO has successfully concluded their first debut showcase in Korea today at Olympic Hall of Olympic Park and SM has released the video capturing the highlight of the showcase.


SM Entertainment Film 'I AM.: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square' Main Trailer

Headlines 03.30.12 | 08:19AM EDT

SM Entertainment documenting the daily lives and performances of their artists at New York’s ‘SM TOWN Live’ concert has released its main trailer of the film.


EXO Massive Showcase Korea & China Announced!

Headlines 03.23.12 | 09:39AM EDT

SM Entertainment’s new rookie group EXO-K and EXO-M announced their massive showcase both in Korea and China signaling their start as a global idol.

i am

The Movie 'I AM' Confirmed To Be In Theaters In May 2012

Etc 03.20.12 | 11:00PM EDT

The Movie 'I AM' Confirmed To Be In Theaters In May 2012


Sunny of SNSD : The Born CEO

Stars on TV / Movies 03.17.12 | 02:03PM EDT

Sunny flaunts exceptional management skills

high cut

EXO-K Selected For Calvin Klein Model Upon Debut

Headlines 03.14.12 | 08:03PM EDT

EXO-K Selected For Calvin Klein Model Upon Debut


Lee Hyori "The Multi-tainer"

Headlines 03.11.12 | 12:40PM EDT

Analyzing the charms of the multi-talented artist lee hyori

K Pop Star audition

The Real Winner of 'K-Pop Star'?

Headlines 03.10.12 | 12:39PM EST

The real winners of 'K-Pop Star' audition are the three big labels of K-pop.


SM New Idol EXO-K, EXO-M Team Members Finally Unveiled

Etc 03.08.12 | 07:25PM EST

SM New Idol EXO-K, EXO-M Team Members Finally Unveiled


K-pop Entertainment Market, Mostly Led by Entertainment Companies, Finds New Stream Inside

Etc 03.01.12 | 11:11AM EST

Entertainment companies are making and setting the direction for the music and culture industry. It's exciting to see what will happen next.


Kim Goo Ra picks SM entertainment as "best in variety shows"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.29.12 | 11:56AM EST

Kim Goo Ra picked Super Junior as 'best idols in variety shows'.

SM Travel

SM Entertainment Acquire Travel Agency

Headlines 02.27.12 | 09:51AM EST

SM Entertainment one of Korea’s leading entertainment agency plans to branch out to travel and tourism business.

SM Global Audition

SM Entertainment Global Audition Underway

Headlines 02.25.12 | 08:39PM EST

SM Entertainment’s Global Audition is underway in the U.S. soon moving to Canada.

SM Entertainment's Finest Female Stars

SM Entertainment's Finest Female Stars

Headlines 02.21.12 | 08:13PM EST

Who is the most beautiful female star from SM Entertainment?


K-Pop Star: The Magical YG Touch

Headlines 02.19.12 | 10:18PM EST

K-Pop Star: The Magical YG Touch


SM Entertainment will take legal measures against fake pictures of SNSD

Headlines 02.19.12 | 05:30PM EST

SM Entertainment to take legal measures

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