Girls Planet 999 Changes Voting Method, Only 27 Survive

The worldwide voting method for "Girls Planet 999" has been changed.

Mnet's "Girls Planet 999: Girls' War" - henceforward "Girls Planet 999" - to be aired on September 10, is a "cell voting" where three people, one from K, C, and J, are tied into a cell and also shared the fate of survival and elimination.

Girls Planet999 Second Global Voting method changed

Mnet changed the way the second global voting will be done through individual voting and not cell voting. With the first survival announcement ceremony on the 3rd broadcast, only 54 out of 99 participants were accepted to join in the second mission. The global voting began on the official platform "Universe."

Girls Planet 999
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The fans can vote for the participants they are rooting for. A total of nine people, three from each group K, C, and, J, then the voting results will be a total of 50% from Korea and 50% from other regions from other global regions.

In the second round of voting, a total of 30 people, 10 from each group will be eliminated. Likewise, just like the first ranking ceremony, the Master Corps will grant a Planet Pass to three people who they think will be qualified to remain in "Girls Planet," and around 27 people will move on to the next mission.

Now that the birth of the global K-pop girl group is upcoming, the participants are expected to concentrate more on the second mission, "Combination Mission." With this mission, the existing cell is dismantled, and every participant selects a song that they are confident in singing and it will form a new combination.

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The Next Combination Mission for the Girls Planet 999 Participants

Songs are prepared to demonstrate the vocal, rap, and dance skills of the mission song participants. The quota for every song is composed of 3, 6, and 9 members in total. It raises curiosity about who will be the participants and who will receive new combinations and benefits.

Furthermore, as J-group Yurina Kawaguchi won the first place in the Planet TOP at the first ranking announcement ceremony, expectations are rising if there will be any changes in the dropouts and Top 9 win the second round.

'Girls Planet 999' Episode 3 Highlights: Participants Compete in First Planet Dance Battle – Which Team Won?
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The second global voting will be on a live broadcast on September 18 at 10 AM (KST).
First aired and set off an upsurge in viewing. As of the 16th, the cumulative playback of edited video clips uploaded to online platforms such as YouTube, the video website, exceeded 7,217,800 times.

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Girls Planet 999 to Launch the Next Global K-pop Group

"Girls Planet 999" premiered last August 6. It collected trainees from around the world, among them from Korea, China, and Japan, and assembled 99 people to compete in an effort to create the next global trendy girl group. The program invited well-known actor Lv Zhen-jeou to host the show. Tiffany (Girls' Generation member) and Xuan Mei (former Wonder Girls member) served as the pilot mentors.

Girls Planet 999
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Team 2 - IZ*ONE's "Fiesta"

This is the first women's team talent show launched by Mnet two years after the network produced a series of controversial talent shows. Now the response has been enthusiastic from the netizens. The first episode has been played over 5 million times, which is 1.3 times more than "PRODUCE 48." The show is loved by audiences in their 20's.

"Girls Planet 999" will be on broadcast at 8:20 on September 10.

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