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Review: Big Bang Explore A Fantasic New Realm With New Singles 'Bang Bang Bang' And 'We Like To Party' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.01.15 | 11:22PM EDT

On the latest Big Bang singles 'Bang Bang Bang,' released on Monday.


Mamamoo, The KpopStarz Interview: The Soul-Stirring K-Pop Quartet On Their Unique Sound And Vision [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 06.02.15 | 06:07PM EDT

In their first ever exclusive interview with KpopStarz US t K-pop R&B girl group Mamamoo. discussed their early days, their collaborations with Bumkey and K.Will and their innovative music videos.


K-Pop Double Take: How Big Bang Brought The Fire On Last Month's Comeback Single 'Bae Bae' [VIDEO]

Reviews 06.12.15 | 03:40PM EDT

With this flurry of new Big Bang material, it is easy to take for granted what a phenomenal song "Bae Bae," released on May 1 as part of the first installment of the "MADE" series of singles, really is.

Former K-pop star Yoo Seungjun (also known as Steve Yoo) once again broke down in tears, in a second Q&A aired Tuesday morning by the website AfreecaTV.

Off-Camera Profanity Undermines Yoo 'Steve' Seungjun's 2nd Plea To Regain His South Korean Citizenship After Dodging Military Service

Scandals 05.27.15 | 10:53PM EDT

The end of Yoo 'Steve' Seungjun's 2nd interview on why he dodged mandatory military service in South Korea featured what some news outlets have speculated is the pop star-turned actor cursing.


Review: South Korea's Premier Female Hip-Hop Producer Shirosky Takes Her Sound To The Next Level On 'Last Flight' [AUDIO]

Reviews 05.29.15 | 08:25PM EDT

On "Last Flight," released on April 25, Shirosky reveals a fresh, intricately layered beat that that demonstrates her growth as an artist.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Vibe To The Irresistible Groove Of History's 'Mind Game' From Their New EP 'Beyond The History' [AUDIO]

New Release 05.22.15 | 01:51AM EDT

Though they are barely two years old as a group, the five-member boy band History has already shown a profound ability to create music that makes you want to move; their new song "Mind Game" clinches it.

album cover for San E's

K-Pop Double Take: San E Turns A Hypnotic Groove Into A Hip-Hop Anthem On 'I Deserve It' Featuring illinit, i11evn, Jessi Of Lucky J [AUDIO]

New Release 05.19.15 | 07:55PM EDT

With San E, Lucky J, illinit and i11evn each bringing their A game, "I Deserve It" is easily the standout track on San E's "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" album, released on April 23.

a still from SISTAR's

K-Pop Throwback: SISTAR Mix The Sounds Of Amadou & Mariam, The Bee Gees And Bollywood On Their 2012 Hit 'Alone' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 05.18.15 | 08:54PM EDT

SISTAR's 2012 hit "Alone" still sounds as fresh as the day it was released, another master class from producer Brave Brothers on how to use familiar sounds to create something strikingly new.

the album cover for the new Kim Ban Yang single

Review: Windy City Frontman Kim Ban Jang Brings Back The Best Of '90s Hip-Hop On 'No More Sad-Mistake' [AUDIO]

New Release 05.15.15 | 09:29PM EDT

On Windy City frontman Kim Ban Jang's new single "No More Sad-Mistake," released on Friday, the best minimalist production of the 1990s is sprinkled with distinctly Korean styles and sounds.

the cover of DAB19's new EP

Review: South Korean Rap Artist DAB19 Blends Several Eras Of Dance Music On 'The Dream Is Not Different' [AUDIO]

New Release 05.14.15 | 06:38PM EDT

DAB19's "The Dream Is Not Different," would surely sound best with a burger in one hand and the cold beverage of your choice in the other.

the album cover for BoA's

Review: BoA's New Single 'Kiss My Lips' Recalls The Classic Sound Of Early Electro [VIDEO]

New Release 05.12.15 | 07:57PM EDT

The spirit of early electronic innovation is embodied in South Korean solo artist BoA's new single "Kiss My Lips," released on Tuesday.

Jay Park in the

Editor's Pick: Jay Park Forgoes Rapping For Dreamy West Coast-Style R&B Production On 'Sex Trip' [VIDEO]

New Release 05.07.15 | 09:31PM EDT

Jay Park threw the world a curveball on Thursday, with the release of his day dreamy new R&B ballad "Sex Trip."

21-year-old TVXQ and JYJ fan Andreea Campan of Romania

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Andreea Campan Of Romania Dreams Of A Day When TVXQ And JYJ Will Share The Stage Again

Hot Issues 05.28.15 | 07:18PM EDT

“K-pop is so different from everything in my country," said 21-year old TVXQ and JYJ fan Andreea Campan of Romania. "The music is so colorful and features so many genres."

the album cover for Jessi's

K-Pop Double Take: Lucky J's Jessi Smolders On The 1980s-Influenced Power Ballad 'I Want To Be Me' [VIDEO]

New Release 05.05.15 | 06:33PM EDT

"I Want To Be Me," released on April 25 by Jessi of the hip-hop trio Lucky, has an emotional effect that is so powerful it seems to almost be beyond the listener's power to resist.


K-Pop Throwback: Remember When 4Minute's eSNa-Penned 2014 Album Track 'I'll Teach You' Made You Want To Dance All Day? [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 05.04.15 | 07:27PM EDT

There is a fresh and arresting quality to 4Minute's 2014 track "I'll Teach You" from the album "4Minute World" that makes it a must to revisit even though it's been over a year since its release.

the album cover for Yoon Jong Shin's

Review: On 'The Color' Yoon Jong Shin And Beenzino Blend Diverse Influences To Create One Of 2015's Best K-Pop Jams So Far [AUDIO]

New Release 05.01.15 | 09:38PM EDT

"The Color" featuring Beenzino, Yoon Jong Shin's latest installment of his "Monthly Project" of single releases, is a cauldron of disparate, yet complimentary flavors.

Psyche Corp.

K-Pop Crossover: Psyche Corporation Singer Psyche Chimère On The Future Of Hallyu Fashion [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 05.07.15 | 03:28PM EDT

Former Ladies of Steampunk model Psyche Chimère, the mastermind behind Psyche Corporation, came down to earth this week, to discuss the future of K-pop clothing, in an exclusive interview with KpopStarz.

promotional poster for Big Bang's

Big Bang's Label CEO Defends Racy 'Bae Bae' Video: 'The Members Are In Their Mid-20s, They Should Be Able To Do Things Without Restriction'

Issues 04.30.15 | 08:09PM EDT

Big Bang may be one of K-pop's biggest boy bands, but the five members are full-grown men, entitled to exploring adult themes, according to CEO Yang Hyun Suk of the group's record label, YG Entertainment.

K-Pop Double-Take: Lim Kim Proves That Less Is More On Her Latest Single 'Awoo' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.30.15 | 02:11PM EDT

The production of Lim Kim's single "Awoo" shows how an entire pop song can be crafted around one simple idea.

album cover for the single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: 'WASSUP' From Rappers C Jamm And Doplamingo Is A Powerful Pastiche Of Past Hip-Hop [AUDIO]

New Release 04.28.15 | 07:08PM EDT

What makes "WASSUP," released on Tuesday, is the fire that rappers C Jamm and Doplamingo bring on the mic. Their performances are coming straight from the heart and they hit you right in the gut.


CHITWN Music Solo Artist Sam Talks About Inspiration And His Collaboration With K. Shin [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 04.28.15 | 01:47PM EDT

CHITWN Music Solo Artist Sam has been an almost constant presence on Korean TV shows, hitting "Voice of Korea," "Arirang Pops" and OnStyle's "Super Company Top 10," in the past two months.

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