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Korean Scout Association Chooses K-Pop Group April As Ambassadors For Promotional Materials

Headlines 01.20.16 | 12:59PM EST

Rookie idols April were recently appointed as ambassadors of the Korean Scout Association.

KARA [CUPID] at SBS MTV 'THE SHOW All About K-pop'

DSP Media Announces Disbandment Of KARA, Heo Youngji To Pursue Solo Career

Headlines 01.15.16 | 01:09AM EST

The South Korean girl group known for hits like "Lupin" and "Mister," officially disbanded on Friday.

AJAX Sungmin

Another DSP Media Group Lineup In Peril As Sungmin Leaves A-JAX

Hot Issues 01.10.16 | 03:11PM EST

The group's main vocalist will be departing from the group to pursue a rapping career.

DSP Girl Group APRIL Debut Showcase [Talk]

April Release Teaser For Comeback As 5 Member Group

Headlines 11.17.15 | 10:34AM EST

Following the recent departure of member Somin, the girl group confirmed their comeback for November 25 with a teaser test.

DSP Girl Group APRIL Debut Showcase [Talk]

April Loses Member Just 3 Months After Debut

Hot Issues 11.10.15 | 09:01AM EST

Only a few months after debuting, K-pop girl group April lost their leader Somin on Monday.


DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

Headlines 08.10.15 | 09:58PM EDT

DSP Media’s new girl group April released a virtual reality profile


DSP Media Declares War On Malicious Comments Against KARA, Rainbow

Headlines 08.01.15 | 11:23AM EDT

The Korean entertainment agency is fed up with all the online negativity.


DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Reveal Teaser Video

Headlines 07.28.15 | 12:29AM EDT

DSP Media released a group silhouette teaser video on their official YouTube channel and revealed their new girl group April.

Na Eun

Upcoming Girl Group April Reveal Teaser Video For Member Na Eun

Headlines 07.22.15 | 03:29PM EDT

On Wednesday, DSP Media revealed the third member of their upcoming girl group April through their official homepage and social networking sites.


DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Teaser For Member So Min

Headlines 07.20.15 | 03:29PM EDT

DSP Media will be releasing a new girl group for the first time in seven years. They released the first teaser today for member So Min online.


DSP Media To Release New Girl Group For The 1st Time In 7 Years

Headlines 07.17.15 | 12:53PM EDT

DSP Media released the logo for their soon to debut girl group April. They will be the first girl group to debut under DSP in seven years.

KARA Goo Hara Choco Chip Cookies MV

KARA's Goo Hara Releases 1st Solo Music Video For 'Choco Chip Cookies' And Draws Mixed Reactions From Fans

Headlines 07.16.15 | 08:55AM EDT

Hara's debut title track “Choco Chip Cookies” featured rapper Giriboy, and had a sweet summer concept filled with flirty moments.


Former KARA Member Nicole Talks About The Burden Of Promoting As A Solo Artist

Headlines 06.18.15 | 11:58AM EDT

Nicole revealed that after being part of a group, promoting as a solo artist is not easy.

SHINee wins

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: SHINee Wins #1 On The June 7, 2015 Episode

Headlines 06.08.15 | 08:38AM EDT

SHINee wins their eighth trophy during the June 7 episode of 'Inkigayo.'

DSP Media has revealed their reaction to Ahn Sojin's suicide.

Suicide Of Baby Kara's Sojin Fuels Critical Discussion Of K-Pop Idol Working Conditions

Hot Issues 03.02.15 | 02:16PM EST

The K-pop trainee lifestyle and working conditions in the Korean music industry have come under fire once again after a high profile suicide involving Ahn Sojin, a member of Baby Kara.

Baby Kara's Sojin Found Dead After Alleged Suicide

Baby Kara's So Jin Dead At 22 From Alleged Suicide

Headlines 02.25.15 | 08:59AM EST

So Jin was 22 years old, and a former trainee under DSP Media.

The “KARA Project” to Reveal BABY KARA in Showcase

DSP Entertainment Announces Upcoming Girl Group Ahead of Rainbow Comeback

Headlines 02.09.15 | 10:34PM EST

The new group will debut in the first half of 2015 and will include several members who had appeared on the 2014 survival show 'Kara Project.'

Rainbow Comeback

Rainbow Announces Comeback After A Year And A Half

Headlines 01.22.15 | 11:59AM EST

The K-pop girl group, Rainbow, will be making a comeback after one year and seven months.

Rainbow's Woori

Rainbow's Woori Takes Role In Upcoming Drama 'Flower Of The Equator'

Stars on TV / Movies 01.06.15 | 09:23AM EST

Rainbow's Woori has joined the talented cast for the upcoming MBC drama 'Flower of the Equator.'

DSP Releases Images Of KARA And A-JAX In Special Album 'White Letter'

DSP Releases Images Of KARA And A-JAX In Special Album 'White Letter'

Headlines 12.10.14 | 12:23PM EST

DSP Media released images KARA and A-JAX posing for their special album 'White Letter.'

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