Gaeko and Ailee need to work together more.

K-Pop Double-Take: Ailee Shows Off Her Rap Skills On 'Hueng Hai' From Gaeko Of Dynamic Duo's New Solo Album 'REDINGRAY' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.29.14 | 05:20PM EDT

Though known to most fans purely as a gifted singer, Korean-American K-pop star Ailee slays it in a brief rap verse on the Gaeko track "Hueng Hai" from his new solo album "REDINGRAY," released on Oct. 17.

album cover of the new Topp Dogg single

Review: Topp Dogg Bring Back Late 1980s R&B Production On 'Annie' New Single Celebrates Group's 1-Year Anniversary [AUDIO]

New Release 10.27.14 | 07:18PM EDT

On the one-year anniversary of the release of their debut EP, "Dogg's Out," Topp Dogg have once again gone back to the past to create something perfect for right now, on "Annie."


Moved to Tears By BEAST [Blog]

New Release 10.25.14 | 10:42AM EDT

Some songs are so good, they literally make you cry.

I don't hate it: Epik High starts a party in a small bathroom in the

Editor's Pick: Epik High Keep Real Hip-Hop Alive On 'Born Hater' Featuring Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I Of iKON [VIDEO]

New Release 10.24.14 | 03:30PM EDT

Epic Indeed: Epik High's new single "Born Hater" is hip-hop in its most raw form, a nearly five-and-a-half-minute-long throwdown over what is predominantly one beat.

Sagitta, seen here celebrating flower power.

K-Pop Throwback: Husband And Wife Duo Sagitta Recall The Summer Of Love On The 2004 Track 'Your Story' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 10.27.14 | 07:36PM EDT

The Korean husband-and-wife retro pop duo Sagitta pay tribute to the music of the Summer of Love while remaining true to a modern perspective.

Bangtan Boys from the

Review: Bangtan Boys Aka BTS Show No Sign Of Letting Up On The Anthemic 'War Of Hormone' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.23.14 | 03:22PM EDT

Edgy and layered, with some very legit rhymes, "War Of Hormone" shows Bangtan Boys (BTS) demonstrating the hip-hop prowess they brandished on earlier dance floor bombs like "Jump" or "BTS Cypher PT.2."

komungo player Jin Hi Kim

Korean Classical Spotlight: On 'Yalu Delta' Composer-Komungo Player Jin Hi Kim And Elliott Sharp Meld Musical Territories [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 10.28.14 | 06:43PM EDT

On South Korean musician-composer Jin Hi Kim's beautiful composition "Yalu Delta," a collaboration with American multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp, the two artists find the perfect blend.

BEAST returns with the soulful mini album 'Time.'

Album Review: BEAST Follows Up The Success Of 'Good Luck' With The Powerful Release ‘Time' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.21.14 | 06:52AM EDT

BEAST makes another solid comeback with their seventh mini album ‘Time.’

Seo Taiji goes beyond K-Pop on 'Quiet Night.'

Album Review: Seo Taiji Explores Dreamy Electropop In 'Quiet Night' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.20.14 | 10:23AM EDT

Seo Taiji is musically brilliant in 'Quiet Night,' an album which extends beyond the K-Pop stratosphere. “Quiet Night” is an album for indie pop fans who have yet to explore Korean pop.

The innovative cellist Okkyung Lee.

Korean Classical Spotlight: Cellist-Composer Okkyung Lee's 'The Crow Flew After Yi Sang' Melds Melody With Beautiful Noise [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 10.22.14 | 04:59PM EDT

On 2013's "The Crow Flew After Yi Sang," cellist and composer Okkyung Lee deftly navigates the intersection between noise and melody in a way that is inviting rather than alienating.

Shin Ji Ho

K-Pop Double-Take: Pianist Shin Ji Ho Tells A Story Without Words On The Theme From 'Secret Love Affair' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 10.22.14 | 05:28PM EDT

If there's one thing Shin Ji Ho does perfectly; it's creating an auditory journey that takes you from the start to finish of a turbulent story-line. And all of this, is done without words.

Korean rock duo TOXIC is back with their latest release, 'Time.'

Album Review: K-Rock Duo TOXIC Stirs Things Up With Their Comeback Album 'Time' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.14.14 | 07:18AM EDT

'Top Band' winners TOXIC rock on their latest mini album 'Time.'

Lee Min Ho demonstrates musical growth with 'Song For You.'

Album Review: Lee Min Ho Demonstrates That He Is A Force To Be Reckoned With In 'Song For You' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.13.14 | 12:26PM EDT

Actor Lee Min Ho created 'Song For You' for his fans but the mini-album is solid enough to stand on its own.

Hitchhiker Eleven

SM Entertainment Steps Away From Mainstream And Into Eccentricity With Hitchhiker's 'Eleven' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.11.14 | 10:44AM EDT

Ever since the hit "Gangnam Style," the trend of odd music videos is growing as presented in Hitchhiker's new song, "Eleven."

Long-running Korean metal band Crash.

Korean Rock Recall: Crash Offer Up No-Frills Metal On 'Crashday' From The 2010 Album 'The Paragon Of Animals' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 09.29.14 | 03:55PM EDT

On their 2010 album "The Paragon of Animals," Korean thrash metal band Crash penned a furious return to form with their song "Crashday."

the album cover for

Editor's Pick: Taewan 'C-Luv' Kim Conjures Up A Slow Jam Of Epic Proportions On 'No Need To Talk' [AUDIO]

New Release 09.26.14 | 07:16PM EDT

Walking the tightrope of just the right snap to create an atmosphere without shaking the listener awake is "No Need To Talk," the tremendous new single from Korean hip-hop artist and producer Taewan 'C-Luv' Kim.

HIGH4 Band Photo

K-Pop Album Double-Take: HIGH4 Takes The Beat Places On Their Rhythmically Innovative Debut EP 'HI HIGH' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.02.14 | 07:32PM EDT

HIGH4s "HI HIGH" is more than just your typical string of catchy vocal hooks. It's oriented around hip-hop, pop and R&B based grooves with sophisticated and complex time feels.

The Korean shoegaze band Zzzaam.

K-Psych Classics: Zzzaam Do A Lot With Just A Little On Their Hypnotic 2004 Track '70s Once More' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.29.14 | 07:24PM EDT

On their 2004 song "70's Once More," Zzzaam prove that music doesn't need to be active, or even assertive, to be effective.

K-Pop vocalist Ailee is back with 'Magazine.'

Album Review: Ailee Makes A Triumphant Comeback With 'Magazine' [AUDIO]

New Release 09.26.14 | 05:14AM EDT

Ailee demonstrates her vocal prowess on ‘Magazine,’ one of her strongest albums to date.

Korean black metal artist Pyha

Korean Rock Recall: Looking Past The Hype On Pyha's 2001 Teenage Masterpiece 'Hyungga Is A Tangled Story, Pt. 1' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.24.14 | 05:17PM EDT

In "Hyungga Is A Tangled Story, Pt. 1," reclusive black metal artist Pyha, rumored to have been 14 years old when he recorded it, shows that his music can stand on its own, whether or not the legend surrounding it is true.

ZE:A First Homme

5 Best ZE:A Songs To Listen To

Features 09.24.14 | 06:47AM EDT

ZE:A's leader has made headlines, but many people don't recognize the group's songs.


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