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Nichkhun making this debut as an actor

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.12 | 12:19PM EST

2PM Nichkhun will make his debut as an actor.

company building

JYP and YG building comparison

Buzz 01.15.12 | 11:07PM EST

Park Jinyoung commented about their company's building, and said "If JYP building is right next to YG building, JYP building would look like janitor's building."

Wonder Girls including Sunmi

Photo of Sunmi a Former Member Together with Wonder Girls on Album Cover

Headlines 01.13.12 | 10:40PM EST

Former member of Wonder Girls Sunmi has been revealed to be a JYP Entertainment trainee.

Wonder Girls twitter

Wonder Girls Long Awaited Single "The DJ Is Mine" MV

Headlines 01.11.12 | 03:56PM EST

The Wonder Girls has now released it's full music video featuring School Gyrls for their US single "The DJ Is Mine."

Girls Generation, 2NE1, Wonder Girls

K-Pop Headway to US with 2NE1, Girls Generation and Wonder Girls

Headlines 01.11.12 | 02:33PM EST

K-Pop is entering the US market strongly with the top three entertainment agencies leading the way to release their albums one after another beginning this January.


Wonder Girls Release Teaser ‘The DJ is Mine’

Headlines 01.09.12 | 06:59PM EST

As Wonder Girls announced the release of their song on January 12, a teaser has been released by JYP Entertainment, featuring the School Gyrls!

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