EXO AT EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion In New York  - February, 21 2016 [PHOTOS]

MyMusicTaste Counters Discrimination Charges At EXO's North American Tour Stops

Issues 02.24.16 | 10:06AM EST

The concert organizers issued a statement following allegations circulated by Korean K-pop fans.

EXO's D.O. Attends a Press Conference of Upcoming Movie 'Pure Love'

EXO Vocalist D.O. On His 'Unforgettable' Castmates: 'The Actors From The Movie Became So Close That We Took A Shower Together'

Issues 02.16.16 | 07:12PM EST

The 23-year-old EXO-band-member-turned-actor Do "D.O." Kyung Soo may have initially felt awkward onset during his time shooting "Unforgettable," but it seems to safe to assume that he made friends with the cast.


Instagram Accounts Of International Female Stars Fall Victim To Fans Of K-Pop Boy Band EXO

Issues 02.16.16 | 10:49AM EST

The fanbase of the Korean idol group continues to harass women connected to one member in particular.

TWICE's Tzuyu

Koreans React To TWICE's Tzuyu

Scandals 02.16.16 | 12:24PM EST

It is pretty safe to say that TWICE member Chou Tzuyu has had one heck of a roller coaster ride these past few months.

WINNER vocalist Nam Teahyun

WINNER Struggle To Maintain Artistic Freedom: 'After Creating A Mold...You Can't Create Anything' Band Member Nam Taehyun Says

Issues 02.12.16 | 05:24PM EST

Retaining the ability to take your music in whatever direction you want it to go isn't easy, whether you're a so-called pop "idol" or any artist, according to Nam Taehyun of the K-pop boy band WINNER.

Little Psy Jun Min Woo Passes Away From Brain Cancer

China's 'Little Psy' Passes Away From Brain Cancer

Issues 02.11.16 | 11:44PM EST

After fighting for almost two years, the young and talented doppleganger passes away.

EXID's Hani

'Bon Bun Olympic' Criticized For Shocking Treatment Of Female K-Pop Stars

Issues 02.12.16 | 12:05PM EST

The variety program revealed private information about several K-pop idols during the debut episode.

Big Bang Taeyang

Big Bang's Taeyang Apologizes For Instagram Post After Fans Accuse Him Of Racism

Scandals 02.09.16 | 11:31AM EST

After initial backlash for his Instagram video, the singer apologized for anyone who may have been hurt by the social media post.

EXO Fans Post Thousands Of Cruel Comments On Unicorn Member Gayoung's Instagram Following Sehun Comment

EXO Fans Post Thousands Of Cruel Comments On Unicorn Member Gayoung's Instagram Following Sehun Comment

Issues 02.07.16 | 10:52PM EST

More than 15,000 comments have been made since the controversy began.

Mamamoo's Agency Cracks Down On Stalker Fans With Harsh Punishments

Mamamoo's Agency Cracks Down On Stalker Fans With Harsh Punishments

Issues 02.05.16 | 10:45AM EST

Part of the punishment was a lifetime ban from attending any live show with Mamamoo on it.

Umbrellas aren't just for shelter from the weather in

D.O.'s 'Unforgettable' Co-Star Kim So Hyun On The EXO Vocalist's Tender Onscreen Kiss With An Umbrella: 'I Thought It Was A Little Weird'

Press Conference 01.29.16 | 06:39PM EST

"If I'm being completely honest, when I saw the script and even right before we went into shooting, I thought it was a little weird," EXO singer D.O.'s 'Unforgettable' co-star Kim So Hyun said of the "umbrella kissing scene."

JYJ's Junsu[Xia] Attends the VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Sea Fog'

Seoul Mayor Takes Firm Stand On XIA Junsu's Exclusion From Seoul Music Awards

Scandals 01.29.16 | 11:47AM EST

Park Won Soon rebuffed the Seoul Music Awards claims that Junsu's absence was accidental.

Kris Wu Burberry's Fall 2016 menswear collection

20 Months In, Kris Wu's Contract Nullification Lawsuit With SM Entertainment Moves Forward

Issues 01.22.16 | 11:12AM EST

The former EXO member sued the South Korean record label in May 2014.

Big Bang's T.O.P onstage at the 2016 Golden Disk Awards

'Only About A Year Left For You To See The Big Bang Team On Stage' T.O.P Tells Crowd At 2016 Golden Disk Awards

Issues 01.20.16 | 07:31PM EST

Another awards show, another chance for a Big Bang member to strike fear in the hearts of the K-pop boy band's longtime fans. This time it was T.O.P at Wednesday's Golden Disk Awards in Seoul, South Korea.

Chinese State Media Says Tzuyu Is Not Seperatist While Banning Huang An's Music

Chinese State Media Says There Is Nothing Wrong With Tzuyu Waving Taiwan's Flag

Issues 01.20.16 | 12:37PM EST

China's People's Daily explicitly expressed that Tzuyu's actions were appropriate.

Block B Zico

Block B Announce Intent To Sue Cosmetic Brand For 'Zico Tint'

Issues 01.20.16 | 12:32PM EST

Seven Seasons Entertainment is suing Beyond for allegedly violating publicity rights.

TWICE's Tzuyu

How Taiwan Reacted To Tzuyu

Scandals 01.21.16 | 11:44AM EST

TWICE member Tzuyu’s waving of the Taiwanese flag and her subsequent apology for the action seem to have galvanized many young voters.

Twice release debut MV for

JYP Entertainment Concerns Korean Civil Rights Group With Treatment Of TWICE's Tzuyu

Issues 01.20.16 | 11:07AM EST

The Center for Multicultural Korea is willing to file a lawsuit against the entertainment agency regarding an idol's recent political controvesy.

First Female Taiwanese President Addresses TWICE's Tzuyu's Video Apology On Election Day

Taiwan's 1st Female President-Elect Addresses Tzuyu's Video Apology On Election Day

Scandals 01.17.16 | 10:51PM EST

Tsai Ing-wen addressed the K-pop star's apology for allegedly supporting the Taiwanese independent movement, calling it "forced."

AOA and Yong Hwa

FNC Entertainment Calls On Fans To Help Collect Evidence Of Malicious Comments

Hot Issues 01.22.16 | 09:11PM EST

The entertainment agency is giving a heads up to cyberbullies and bashers as they tap fans of their artists to track them down for legal action.

a South Korean soldier turns on speakers blasting K-pop in Korea's DMZ

'Me Gustas Tu' By Gfriend, Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' Among K-Pop Songs Currently Being Blasted At South Korean Border

Issues 01.08.16 | 06:18PM EST

North Korea may have attracted global concern this week after producing a big bang in a blast the country's leadership claimed was a hydrogen bomb, but come Friday, South Korea had unleashed their own Big Bang.

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