G-Dragon Unveils Modern Art Exhibit PEACEMUSICONE

Recent Reality TV Show Causes Big Bang's G-Dragon Stress Over His Lyrics

Issues 08.09.15 | 04:24PM EDT

G-Dragon reveals that a recently aired TV broadcast has been causing him to think over his lyrics more than usual.


[Breaking] Former Girls' Generation Singer Jessica Jung And SM Entertainment Officially Part Ways

Breaking News 08.06.15 | 08:43AM EDT

Jung left Girls' Generation in 2014 to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Luhan Claims Preferential Treatment Of Korean EXO-K Members Over Chinese EXO-M Members

Luhan, SM Entertainment Head To Court After Failing To Reach Agreement In Lawsuit Mediation

Scandals 08.06.15 | 11:12AM EDT

The lawsuit will head to court for the first time later this month.

exo kris joining chinese media

Kris Responds To SM Entertainment Lawsuit Against His Work In China

Scandals 08.04.15 | 03:16PM EDT

Former EXO member Kris releases his own statement in response to SM Entertainment's continuous legal pursuit.

Big Bang

Big Bang Fans In Indonesia Raise Concerns About Organization Of Group's Jakarta Concert

Concert / Event 08.04.15 | 10:28AM EDT

Fans of K-pop group Big Bang in Indonesia complained about the poor planning and production value of the group's recent concert.

B.A.P Thanks The Staff For Inviting Them On 'The Show'

B.A.P Members Reconcile With Record Label TS Entertainment After Months-Long Lawsuit

Scandals 08.03.15 | 09:59AM EDT

B.A.P have reportedly returned to their label TS Entertainment, a reconciliatory move after all six members of the boy band sued the agency late last year.


DSP Media Declares War On Malicious Comments Against KARA, Rainbow

Hot Issues 08.01.15 | 11:23AM EDT

The Korean entertainment agency is fed up with all the online negativity.


Hyukoh Respond To Beach Fossils Tweet Noting ‘Sketchy’ Similarities Between Bands' Songs

Scandals 07.31.15 | 10:10AM EDT

Hyukoh released a statement that claims their song “Panda Bear” was not plagiarized from Beach Fossils’ “Golden Age.”

Hyukoh Band

More Plagiarism Accusations Lodged Against K-Indie Stars Hyukoh

Scandals 07.30.15 | 10:57AM EDT

A new comparison video suggests that Hyukoh's “Panda Bear” was heavily influenced by the Beach Fossils song “Golden Age.”


Tao Sheds Tears On Chinese TV Program While Describing Lonely Life In Korea

Scandals 07.28.15 | 08:30AM EDT

Estranged EXO member Tao cried while recounting his hardships as a Chinese idol living in South Korea.

f(x) Amber

f(x)'s Amber Defends Tomboy Image On Instagram After Receiving Stream Of Insults

Trends 07.27.15 | 08:37AM EDT

The K-pop rapper shared how hurtful it is to be insulted and judged for her tomboy image and encouraged everyone to be more open-minded.


K-Pop Fans Show Concern Over YG Entertainment's Promised September Debut Date For iKON

Issues 07.25.15 | 11:57AM EDT

Fans expressed doubts after the idol group's debut date was revealed in an interview.

Tao Releases New Photo Teasers For Solo Debut

Z.Tao's Solo Debut Teaser Video Removed From YouTube By SM Entertainment

Breaking News 07.23.15 | 12:52AM EDT

The estranged member of EXO is pursuing a solo career in China.

EXO in Beijing

Laser Pointers Pose Risk Of Impaired Vision For EXO At Recent Beijing Concert

Issues 07.21.15 | 08:43AM EDT

Fans of the Korean boy band pointed out the risks after photos from the concert were uploaded to social media sites.

BTS The Red Bullet

BTS's New York Concert Abruptly Ends Due To Alleged Death Threat Against Rap Monster

Issues 07.17.15 | 09:07AM EDT

BTS cut their Best Buy Theater concert short due to death threats delivered on Twitter.

girls day

Girl's Day's Sojin Apologizes For Her Attitude On Africa TV

Issues 07.11.15 | 04:08AM EDT

Group Girl's Day officially apologized to the public.

Tao at Photo Time for 2013 Dream Concert

Tao Announces Solo Career In China As Status In K-Pop Group EXO Remains Uncertain

Breaking News 07.10.15 | 02:43AM EDT

The K-pop idol announced an upcoming solo release in China despite his departure from EXO remaining unconfirmed.

SISTAR's Hyolyn

Hyolyn Of SISTAR On Why She Stopped Writing Songs After Being Rejected By The Group's Label Starship Entertainment

Issues 07.01.15 | 11:14PM EDT

Any SISTAR fans disappointed in the lack of songs written by the K-pop girl group in their catalog can apparently blame their record label Starship Entertainment.

an Ailee Instagram post from earlier this week

Ailee's Brave Brothers Collaboration 'Johnny' Prompts Mixed Reactions On Reddit

Issues 06.26.15 | 06:02PM EDT

After news of the upcoming collaboration between Ailee and Brave Brothers shot to the top of Reddit, some members of the most popular K-pop subreddit were quick to dismiss the whole thing as a bad idea.


SECRET's Agency Says There Are No Problems Between The Members

Issues 06.27.15 | 02:19AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's agency revealed that rumors of the group undergoing troubles amongst each other is "not true."

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