f(x) 4 Walls teaser

f(x) Sweep Korean And Chinese Music Charts With Latest Album '4 Walls'

Headlines 10.28.15 | 10:02AM EDT

The girl group took top place on numerous Korean and Chinese music charts within 24 hours of the release of their new album.

cover of f(x)'s

Review: Creative Shades Of '80s Pop Make f(x)'s 'Traveler' Featuring Zico Of Block B The Standout Track On '4 Walls' [AUDIO]

Reviews 10.27.15 | 04:27PM EDT

It's unfortunate that "Traveler," from the f(x) album "4 Walls" released on Tuesday will be a featured single with an accompanying music video. But it's a pity, as it is a standout track with international appeal.

jessica, krystal

Jessica Doesn't Want Krystal To 'Grow Too Fast' For Her Birthday

Buzz 10.27.15 | 10:23PM EDT

Jessica congratulated her younger sister and f(x)'s member Krystal on her birthday.

luna, amber

f(x)'s Luna And Amber Invite Fans To Support '4 Walls' On Naver V App

Buzz 10.27.15 | 11:22PM EDT

"We had a long break and did individual activities for a long time," Luna said. "We tried so hard this time just like our debut days."

f(x) 4 Walls album teaser photo

f(x) Go On A Forest Adventure In '4 Walls' Music Video

Headlines 10.26.15 | 11:59PM EDT

f(x) has officially returned as a quartet with their new music video for "4 Walls" which features the girls going on an adventure in a mysterious forest.

f(x) 4 Walls album teaser photo

f(x) Reveal 'Aesthetically Pleasing' Music Video Teaser For '4 Walls'

Headlines 10.26.15 | 09:17AM EDT

f(x)'s long awaited comeback is just days away and the girl group revealed a teaser video for their new album title track, "4 Walls." The teaser features what some fans are calling f(x)'s signature style of "pleasing aesthetics."


f(x)'s Krystal Gifts Fans On Her Birthday With A 'Present'

Buzz 10.27.15 | 02:24AM EDT

Girl group f(x)'s member Krystal updated her fans on her birthday.

f(x)'s Luna and Sulli at SMTOWN COEX Artium Grand Opening Ceremony

Sulli Speaks Up On Supporting f(x)'s Comeback Through Instagram

Buzz 10.27.15 | 01:35AM EDT

f(x)'s former member Sulli explained herself about her support post for IU, catching much attention.

f(x)  4 members

f(x)'s '4 Walls' Promotions Take A Bold Approach To Lineup Changes

Headlines 10.23.15 | 11:19AM EDT

The girl group was previously a quintet before the departure of former member Sulli.

'4 Walls' Teaser GIF and image for Victoria released!

f(x) Reveal '4 Walls' Teaser GIFs And Images Of Victoria

Headlines 10.21.15 | 11:29PM EDT

The SM Entertainment website was updated with 1 GIF and 7 teaser images of Victoria for f(x)'s upcoming '4 Walls' album.


f(x)'s Luna Possibly Teases '4 Walls' Concept?

Buzz 10.22.15 | 12:57AM EDT

Girl group f(x)'s member Luna revealed a picture taken with her members.

f(x) to comeback with 4th album

f(x) To Comeback With 4th Album '4 Walls' On October 27th

Headlines 10.21.15 | 01:06AM EDT

Four will hopefully be a lucky number for f(x) as the girls prepare their 4th album, their first with only four members.

f(x) 4 Walls music video

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed October 2015

Features 11.02.15 | 12:38PM EST

Check out the best-dressed K-pop music video themes from October 2015.

f(x) release mysterious 11-second comeback teaser

f(x) Release Mysterious 11-Second Comeback Teaser

Headlines 10.19.15 | 11:25PM EDT

Fans speculate the video is related to f(x)'s upcoming comeback


f(x)'s Luna Teases Fans With Practice Photo As Comeback Draws Near

Buzz 10.20.15 | 12:07AM EDT

The f(x) member revealed her practice time with her group.

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