[TW] Kris Wu's Sexual Assault Scandal: Timeline of Events That Led to His Arrest

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[Trigger Warning: Mentions of sexual assault, child grooming, drugs, depression, bullying]

Chinese star Kris Wu (30 years old) became embroiled in a scandal after Chinese influencer, Du Meizhu, had come forward and accused Kris Wu of sexual assault, grooming underage girls, predatory behavior, and more. As the case is still ongoing, here is a summary of what has happened so far in Kris Wu's sexual assault allegations that led to his arrest.

June 3, 2021: Kris Wu's Rumored Girlfriend Chen Ziyi

Kris Wu allegedly rented out an entire movie theater for a private date with a girl rumored to be 19-year old Chen Ziyi. Following the release of CCTV footage and photos, Kris Wu and his legal team demanded that Wanda Cinema take down the videos and take responsibility for spreading the photo online and violating the artist's privacy.

July 8, 2021: Du Meizhu Accuses Kris Wu of Cheating and Seducing Minors

19-year old Chinese influencer, Du Meizhu, who was linked as a girlfriend of Kris Wu back in June, releases a series of lengthy posts, photos, and messages, and accuses Kris Wu of cheating on her and being involved with other girls - particularly minors - and seducing them through the same way: Meeting with them through the pretext of casting or signing them for his studio, getting them heavily intoxicated, and then having sexual relations.

She also accuses Kris Wu of his sexist behavior, revealing that Kris Wu would choose a girl from a lineup of girls' pictures as if they were merchandise, as well as having a WeChat account that is dedicated to looking for underage girls.

Du Meizhu also reveals that she has since then been bullied and receiving death threats, and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

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July 8, 2021: Kris Wu Denies Accusations, Du Meizhu to File Complaint

Kris Wu, his representatives, and legal team deny all of the claims made by Du Meizhu, stating that they are false and fabricated. They also announced that they would be taking legal action against Du Meizhu.

Simultaneously, Du Meizhu announces that she and the other victims would be filing a formal complaint with the police along with the shreds of evidence.

July 10, 2021: Du Meizhu Files Formal Complaint Against Kris Wu

Du Meizhu announces that she has filed a formal complaint against Kris Wu, and stated some of the points that she made in the complaint:

1. She thought that Kris Wu had genuine feelings for her.

2. She reveals that at Kris Wu's parties, he would confiscate the phones of the young women to prevent photos and videos from being recorded. He would also use a middleman to recruit several minors [to attend the parties], intoxicate them, and have sexual relations. Kris Wu would also promise them of becoming his girlfriend, but would eventually leave them.

July 17, 2021: Du Meizhu Reveals She Was Contacted for a Settlement by Kris Wu's Representatives

Through her Weibo account, Du Meizhu reveals that Kris Wu's representatives had contacted her by sending an agreement notice for a settlement on the issue.

According to Du Meizhu, she had asked for 8 million yuan (around $1.2 million USD) as compensation on behalf of the other victims. Kris Wu's side had declined and negotiated with 2 million yuan (around $308,700 USD).

Kris Wu's legal team also demanded that Du Meizhu retract her statements and make an apology for "spreading lies" to avoid going to court. They also demanded the information of the other alleged victims. However, Du Meizhu did not provide the information as they were minors.

Du Meizhu shares a video of her having received a total of 500,000 yuan (around $77,100 USD) - without her agreement - in two different transfers: 300,000 yuan (around $46,300 USD) from Stacey Wu (Kris Wu's mother) and 200,000 yuan (around $30,800 USD) from under the name Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu).

Additionally, Kris Wu was revealed to potentially try avoiding tax issues.

July 18, 2021: Du Meizhu Makes Series of Posts on Weibo

First Post

Du Meizhu reveals that her friends are receiving death threats and pictures of bloody corpses from fans of Kris Wu. She also shows her conversation with Krus Wu on Alipay, an application in which users can easily send money and chat with each other. She also states that if Kris Wu sues her, she will ask for the court proceedings to be broadcasted live, and demands that he apologize to all of the victims.

Second Post

In a second post, Du Meizhu claims that her amount of evidence is enough to put Kris Wu in jail for at least 10 years. She also gives him the ultimatum of announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry, apologizing to everyone, and leave China, or she will continue to go further.

She also claims that Kris Wu has STD (sexually transmitted disease), which forced a girl to get an abortion. Du Meizhu also shares intimate details regarding her sexual relations with Kris Wu, revealing that he likes to hype himself up.

Third and Final Post

Du Meizhu releases a more calm statement, stating that she doesn't think Kris Wu is a naturally bad person and that he's just someone who grew up with a single parent and had to quickly grow due to the entertainment industry. But, due to various reasons, he became the way he is today.

She states that he is human and a male, and he has to grow up and take responsibility. She makes one final plead for Kris Wu to admit his mistakes.

July 18, 2021: Kris Wu Denies Accusations Again

Kris Wu speaks out for the first time on his Weibo account. He claims that he has only agreed to be with Du Meizhu once, and all of her other accusations such as sexual assault and seducing minors are false. Kris Wu's legal team reveals that they have already sued Du Meizhu.

"If I had committed any of these actions, rest assured that I would walk myself to prison," said Kris Wu.

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July 19, 2021: Kris Wu Makes Additional Statements, Du Meizhu Holds Interview

Kris Wu releases additional statement to back-up false accusations made against him. According to the statement:

1. Kris Wu and Du Meizhu met through a gathering with friends - which consists of eight of them in total - back on December 5, 2020. They claim that no one gave Du Meizhu alcohol, and that the six other people can testify for him in court. Additionally, Kris Wu and Du Meizhu only met once for a date.

2. His last conversation with Du Meizhu on WeChat was on May 31, which shows Du Meizhu saying she saw Kris Wu on television. Kris Wu uses this to counter claims made by Du Meizhu's friend, who said that the two stopped contacting each other back in April.

3. Kris Wu's side had messaged Du Meizhu, and said they asked other witnesses regarding the claims and that Du Meizhu is lying. They also claim that nobody gave Du Meizhu alcohol or forced her to do something, but Du Meizhu counters that she had received evidence that the same incident has happened to others.

4. Kris Wu's side accused Du Meizhu of blackmail and intimidation and show statements where Kris Wu had asked Du Meizhu to contact him before the case intensifies.

5. Kris Wu's mother had allegedly transferred the 500,000 yuan (around $77,100 USD) from their accounts due to "being unable to deal with the fake posts of Du Meizhu."

Additionally, Du Meizhu also holds an interview with NetEase, which features her going into detail regarding the trauma that she has experienced with Kris Wu.

July 19, 2021: Brands Drop Kris Wu, 24 Victims Come Forward, Actress Lin Xiya Posts Cryptic Message

Amid the ongoing scandal, multiple brands have dropped Kris Wu as their partner, ambassador, and model, such as Bvlgari, Porsche, Louis Vuitton, Tencent, Tuborg Beer, and more.

In addition, at least 24 other alleged victims have come forward on Weibo and sharing similar scenarios with Kris Wu.

On the same day, Chinese actress Lin Xiya, who was rumored to be Kris Wu's girlfriend back in 2014, trended on Weibo after posting a cryptic message that said, "Seven years, justice? Bring it on."

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July 22, 2021: Police Reveal Initial Investigation Findings

Based on the police's initial investigation findings, they concluded that the allegations were to commit three different schemes of fraud and to tarnish Kris Wu's reputation.

According to the police, Du Meizhu had exaggerated her claims and posts, which were written along with her friend to increase her fame and popularity. Du Meizhu's subsequent posts were revealed to have been posted by her but were written by a man who wanted to profit from the scandal.

Regarding the money transactions allegedly from Kris Wu and his mother, a 23-year old man had admitted to attempting to defraud Kris Wu and Du Meizhu during the scandal. The man was revealed to have been arrested on July 18.

Du Meizhu also refuted several points in the police's findings.

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July 31, 2021: Kris Wu Arrested and Detained

According to police, Kris Wu was arrested and detained for further investigation regarding the sexual assault allegations against him. He is currently being detained in Chaoyang district of Beijing.

Since Kris Wu's Arrest

Since Kris Wu's arrest and detainment, more brands have continued to drop him, and numerous Chinese platforms have deleted Kris Wu and his labels' accounts, as well as over a hundred fan accounts and 780 group chats that are related to him. His songs on various platforms were also removed.

In addition, since his detainment, several rumors were reported by media outlets, such as an alleged photo of Kris Wu in the detainment facility, attempting to take his life, and his youngest victim being just 12 years old.

Most recently, a woman based in Los Angeles has also come forward claiming to be a victim of Kris Wu's sexual assault, bringing in the possibility of Kris Wu facing charges in the United States as well.

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