Kim Hyun Joong denied recent miscarriage and prior abuse acclaims.

Ex-Girlfriend Of Kim Hyun Joong Withdraws Lawsuit Against Kim's Lawyers

Scandals 08.11.15 | 11:10AM EDT

The pair have been involved in an ongoing legal battle relating to their relationship.

One Direction vs T-ARA

One Direction Fans Accuse T-ARA Fans Of Cheating In Billboard's 'Fan Army Face Off'

Scandals 08.11.15 | 10:42AM EDT

Directioners are accusing QUEENs of cheating to get T-ARA more votes in Billboard’s ‘Fan Army Face Off’ competition.

Kim Hyun Joong

1 Year Into Kim Hyun Joong's Ongoing Legal Battle With Ex-Girlfriend: A Timeline Of Events

Scandals 08.12.15 | 09:08AM EDT

Since 2014, the Korean pop star's name has been in the news multiple times due to an ongoing case with his former girlfriend.


Tao Regrets Harsh Words Towards Former EXO-M Leader Kris

Scandals 08.11.15 | 08:47AM EDT

Although Tao previously criticized Kris for leaving EXO, he eventually followed his former bandmate in leaving the group and taking legal action against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract.

Luhan Reloaded photo

Luhan Continues Preparations For Solo Debut In China Despite Ongoing Lawsuit With SM Entertainment

Scandals 08.08.15 | 12:54PM EDT

Former EXO member Luhan recently revealed that his album preparations are underway despite the seemingly endless lawsuit with SM Entertainment.

Tao's solo album cover

Z.Tao Criticized By Chinese Media Outlet For Skipping Interview

Scandals 08.07.15 | 12:02PM EDT

Former EXO member Tao continues to garner mixed opinions, this time as a result of skipping a scheduled interview with Chinese media outlet Sina.

Luhan Claims Preferential Treatment Of Korean EXO-K Members Over Chinese EXO-M Members

Luhan, SM Entertainment Head To Court After Failing To Reach Agreement In Lawsuit Mediation

Scandals 08.06.15 | 11:12AM EDT

The lawsuit will head to court for the first time later this month.

Song Seung Hun

Song Seung Hun And Chinese Actress Liu Yifei Confirm Dating Rumors

Scandals 08.05.15 | 06:33PM EDT

Actor Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei have confirmed that they are dating.

exo kris joining chinese media

Kris Responds To SM Entertainment Lawsuit Against His Work In China

Scandals 08.04.15 | 03:16PM EDT

Former EXO member Kris releases his own statement in response to SM Entertainment's continuous legal pursuit.

f(x) Sulli and Choiza

Viral Photo Of Sulli With Boyfriend Choiza Raises Questions About Singer's Future In f(x)

Scandals 08.04.15 | 10:22AM EDT

Online commenters were abuzz at the rare sighting of the celebrity couple Sulli and Choiza looking sweet.

B.A.P Thanks The Staff For Inviting Them On 'The Show'

B.A.P Members Reconcile With Record Label TS Entertainment After Months-Long Lawsuit

Scandals 08.03.15 | 09:59AM EDT

B.A.P have reportedly returned to their label TS Entertainment, a reconciliatory move after all six members of the boy band sued the agency late last year.


Mediation Fails As SM Entertainment Files Lawsuit Against Former EXO Singer Kris And His Chinese Employers

Scandals 07.31.15 | 07:50PM EDT

On Thursday, SM Entertainment executives released a statement revealing that their plans to pursue legal action in China against former EXO member Kris, along with anyone who has hired him for a role or an endorsement deal.

VIP ticket holders who were adversely affected by the cancelation of the hi-touch will receive consolation.

BTS Concert Organizers Offer Consolation To NYC Ticket Holders For Canceled Meet And Greet Session With The Band

Concert / Event 08.01.15 | 10:19AM EDT

The concert organizers for BTS' New York City show have offered consolation for fan engagement ticket holders.


Hyukoh Respond To Beach Fossils Tweet Noting ‘Sketchy’ Similarities Between Bands' Songs

Scandals 07.31.15 | 10:10AM EDT

Hyukoh released a statement that claims their song “Panda Bear” was not plagiarized from Beach Fossils’ “Golden Age.”

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Releases Statement, Alleged Text Message Exchanges To Refute Star’s Claims

Scandals 07.31.15 | 10:53AM EDT

The ex-girlfriend mentioned a certain “Actress C” who she claims she caught with Kim Hyun Joong which led to him beating her.

2NE1 - Come Back Home

2NE1's 'Come Back Home' Director Speaks Up On Controversy With Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

Scandals 07.31.15 | 09:09AM EDT

The director of 2NE1's "Come Back Home" steps up to share her thoughts on the controversy with her music video and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."

Under Dogg former member Leon

Former Chinese Topp Dogg Sub-Unit Member Cavan Chen Claims Racism, Abuse As Reasons For Departure

Scandals 07.31.15 | 09:04AM EDT

Under Dogg member Cavan Chen opens up about reasons for leaving Stardom Entertainment.

Hyukoh Band

More Plagiarism Accusations Lodged Against K-Indie Stars Hyukoh

Scandals 07.30.15 | 10:57AM EDT

A new comparison video suggests that Hyukoh's “Panda Bear” was heavily influenced by the Beach Fossils song “Golden Age.”


Eric Bellinger Says No Foul Play In Crush's 'Oasis' Controversy

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.29.15 | 08:19AM EDT

Eric Bellinger, the artist Crush has been accused of plagiarizing with his latest hit "Oasis," has finally given his thoughts on the matter.


Tao Sheds Tears On Chinese TV Program While Describing Lonely Life In Korea

Scandals 07.28.15 | 08:30AM EDT

Estranged EXO member Tao cried while recounting his hardships as a Chinese idol living in South Korea.

E Sens performed shortly after marijuana arrest.

E Sens Files Appeal After Sentenced To 1.5 Years In Jail For 2nd Marijuana Offense

Scandals 07.28.15 | 08:23AM EDT

The rapper plans to file an appeal to lighten his one and a half year sentence for marijuana use.

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