MBC Music 'Show Champion'

NU’EST fans to resist unfair treatment by Pledis Entertainment against group

Scandals 12.07.16 | 03:15PM EST

Fans of NU’EST have gathered together to resist the unfair treatment against the group.

Leo in the promotional poster of the VIXX’s new album “Kratos”

VIXX fans club Starlight is digging into suspicious relationship between fan and one of the members

Scandals 12.02.16 | 05:37PM EST

Fans club Starlight was reportedly alarmed with the alleged relationship between a mysterious female fan and one VIXX member, Leo. Members of the fan club demand an explanation.

Might Mouth in their recent shoot.

Kim Jong Kook and Mighty Mouth's Shorry J: Friends of Sangchu who helped him during hiatus

Scandals 12.01.16 | 09:38AM EST

It's good to know that true friends exist in the hallyu world.

B1A4 after shooting the Saturday Nighy Live in tvN  on Nov. 26.

SNL Korea sexual assault controversy latest update: Lee See-Young snubs Korean Culture Entertainment Awards

Scandals 12.01.16 | 10:38AM EST

Comedienne Lee Se-Young declined the award she is about to receive at the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards. She decided that this is not appropriate time for her to do so, as the sexual harassment controversy in tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea remains a hot issue.

Rappers Iron And Kidoh Sentenced To Probation For Drug Charges

Iron and Kidoh jailed for smoking marijuana

Scandals 12.02.16 | 04:05PM EST

On November 24, South Korean rappers Iron and Kidoh received suspended jail terms from a district court in Seoul on charges of drug use. The two rappers were charged for the consumption of Marijuana when an acquaintance of theirs was arrested for an attempted theft at a sauna in Gangnam. The guy who was arrested tested positive for drugs, which led to the investigation of others who were suspected of drug use. During the test, both Iron and Kidoh were found positive for use of Marijuana. Iron had already been charged for three counts of marijuana use in the December 2014 and March 2015, while Kidoh was accused of smoking Marijuana in Bangkok bar in October 2015. According to South Korean law, use of Marijuana is banned and it carries a maximum 5 years penalty in prison for using or fine upto 50 million won. Iron was expecting an eight month jail sentence, due to his previous charges. However, he ended up being charged with two-year probation instead. On the other hand Kidoh was charged with one-year probation in place of six-month jail sentence. They are also required to pay fine and attend a rehab for 40 hours. Iron is a solo artist known very well for his role in TV show “Show me The Money” and he recently released his full-length album, ‘ROCKBOTTOM’, which had previous controversy over explicit Kidoh. While Kidoh is a former of the idol group TOPP DOGG and was supposed to hold a tour in the US this December which looks unsure now. Concerning his drug charges, Iron stated in a previous interview, “First of all, as a Korean citizen I went against the law and I am waiting to receive sentence for my wrong doings. However, I don’t think marijuana is a drug.” Both rappers are still active in the music industry, despite the recent drug scandal.

Sulli shifts to acting roles.

Sulli of f(x) set to shine as an up and coming K-Drama actress

Scandals 12.02.16 | 03:23PM EST

Sulli, formerly of girl group f(x), continues to rise in prominence, as she's set to become the latest familiar face in K-Dramas.

After meeting through a mutual friend last year, it was reported that WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun (22) and actress Jung Ryeo Won (35) have been dating for a year now.

WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun And Actress Jung Ryeo Won Reportedly Dating

Scandals 10.18.16 | 10:35PM EDT

After meeting through a mutual friend last year, it was reported that WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun (22) and actress Jung Ryeo Won (35) have been dating for a year now.

Lee Jong and Yonghwa

Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Innocent But Lee Jong Hyun Fined

Scandals 07.07.16 | 08:26AM EDT

CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Lee Jong Hyun stock trading scandal

DAY6 Proves To Be Superb Rookies At Singapore Fan Meeting

Day6 Member Junhyeok Leaves Group Following Dating Controversy

Scandals 02.29.16 | 09:01AM EST

JYP Entertainment announced that the company had terminated their contract with the idol.


Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Job At Allkpop Parent Company Left Out Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

Scandals 02.25.16 | 07:22PM EST

When the WNYC program Radiolab covered the Ailee nude photo scandal this week, any reference to Ailee's ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, a suspected source, or his connection to allkpop, was conspicuously left out.

Big Bang MAMA 2015 Award

Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards Voting System Manipulation Launches Battle Between EXO And Big Bang Fans

Scandals 02.15.16 | 04:51PM EST

Fans of the two K-pop acts continue to clash over alleged manipulation of popularity chart votes.

TWICE's Tzuyu

Koreans React To TWICE's Tzuyu

Scandals 02.16.16 | 12:24PM EST

It is pretty safe to say that TWICE member Chou Tzuyu has had one heck of a roller coaster ride these past few months.

Big Bang Taeyang

Big Bang's Taeyang Apologizes For Instagram Post After Fans Accuse Him Of Racism

Scandals 02.09.16 | 11:31AM EST

After initial backlash for his Instagram video, the singer apologized for anyone who may have been hurt by the social media post.


CNBLUE Fined $12,500 For Unauthorized Crying Nut Cover

Scandals 02.04.16 | 11:57AM EST

Bad news for the Korean pop rock band as a court decision this week imposed a heavy fine on the group and their agency for a copyright infringement.

JYJ's Junsu[Xia] Attends the VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Sea Fog'

Seoul Mayor Takes Firm Stand On XIA Junsu's Exclusion From Seoul Music Awards

Scandals 01.29.16 | 11:47AM EST

Park Won Soon rebuffed the Seoul Music Awards claims that Junsu's absence was accidental.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

TWICE's Tzuyu Sees Increase In Popularity And Earnings Following Flag Controversy

Hot Issues 01.23.16 | 07:26PM EST

Chou Tzuyu was previously regarded as an anti-Chinese supporter of Taiwanese Independence and became media fodder.

An Huang holds a sign where he decries Taiwan's independence from mainland China.

Who Is Huang An And How Did He Turn A 16-Year-Old K-Pop Star Into A Symbol Of Taiwanese Politics?

Scandals 01.25.16 | 11:09AM EST

Huang An may have lost his popularity as a musician, but the 53-year-old celebrity proved his relevance by inciting the Tzuyu scandal.


How The Scandal Surrounding TWICE Member Tzuyu Continues To Impact JYP Entertainment

Scandals 01.22.16 | 10:45AM EST

The South Korean record label continues to experience backlash from a scandal centered on the alleged Taiwanese nationalism of a teenage singer.

TWICE's Tzuyu

How Taiwan Reacted To Tzuyu

Scandals 01.21.16 | 11:44AM EST

TWICE member Tzuyu’s waving of the Taiwanese flag and her subsequent apology for the action seem to have galvanized many young voters.

BTS at the Idol Star Athletics Championship

Taiwanese Media Outlet Outrages Fans By Sneaking Into MBC's Idol Athletic Championships To Report On Tzuyu

Scandals 01.20.16 | 10:52AM EST

Taiwan's CTV snuck into the event that was not open to any media outlets.

First Female Taiwanese President Addresses TWICE's Tzuyu's Video Apology On Election Day

Taiwan's 1st Female President-Elect Addresses Tzuyu's Video Apology On Election Day

Scandals 01.17.16 | 10:51PM EST

Tsai Ing-wen addressed the K-pop star's apology for allegedly supporting the Taiwanese independent movement, calling it "forced."

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